Welcome to the Lakes...

Painter, Juno, Christiana Lakes in Edwardsburg, MI

(photo taken by Janice Hayden in winter)

Our mission is to protect, preserve, and improve the integrity of our 3 beautiful lakes and its ecosystems through education and communications between concerned citizens. Take a peak at all the pages on this website for lake information for PJC.

Announcements and Upcoming Happenings!

  • MEMBERSHIP for Calendar 2022 - PJC always welcomes new members. Dues for 2022 calendar year are set at $35. If you'd like to be a member, please send payment of dues with your name and address to: PJC Lake Association, PO Box 171, Edwardsburg, MI 49112

  • PLEASE SEE our WATER QUALITY Page for updated information on mercury and fish consumption.

  • May 7th - Lake Cleanup - Public access - Bring your boat or kayak and we will provide a garage bag for lake pickup!

  • June 11th - 10am - Four Lakes - Annual Membership Meeting - A great way to learn about lake happenings, activity, and stewardship while meeting neighbors and Riparians.

  • July 3rd - PJC Fireworks

  • July 23rd - PJC Poker Run (PJC Fireworks Fundraiser on FB)

  • For more local township and county information please see Roseann Marchetti's website http://www.rmarchetti.us/ - Thanks Roseann!

Don't miss our sunset photos captured below (our lake is famous for them).

Our Free Little Library is here!

Take a book. Share a book. Enjoy summer reading!

Sunset Shared by Cindy Osborne

Sunset shared by Cindy Osborne

Gorgeous reflection captured by Christine Ganger Summer 2019

This is a great photo titled the "fish are biting" and shared by Nancy Boehm.

Painter Lake Captured and Shared by Cindy Elliott

Taken in winter by Melissa Basney... yes the sun exists in Edwardsburg, MI in the cold months!

Winter sun captured by Bonnie Elder.

Fall cat tails, fog and nature captured by Bonnie Elder

Photos of sunsets and clouds shared by Darrin Schaap

Photo captured by Jen Sailor