Fish & Wildlife

We have Fish, Birds, and Reptiles abound! See our sub-webpages for important information on each!

At Painter, Juno, and Christiana the Fish and Wildlife inhabit and travel thru all year long. We have so many water birds and some not as easily seen but easily heard and spotted by avid bird watchers!

  • Fish - The lakes offer a great opportunity to catch Northern Pike, Blue Gill, Bass, and Perch. Click our Fish page to review the latest information on free fishing days, and local lake fishing records. See our Fish Lake page under this heading for more information.
  • Swans - We have a special sub-page dedicated to the studies and research about our swans and swan challenges.
  • Snake, Reptile, and Insect Identification - No lake is complete without our friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) reptiles and insects. This sub page will share the latest information on these inhabitants and their lake impact and appearances!

If you happen to catch wildlife at its best, please send the image to us or post on Facebook and we will add to our amazing photos shown here. Also, if you happen to see any swans with the green tags on their necks please email photo or siting with number on neck if possible to Randy Knapik-

If you missed the presentation on the swan study and the USDA Wildlife services to be performed, you can catch it here.

These 3 Photos of our Canada Geese Migrating Flocks were captured and shared by Wayne Falda.

Nature and wildlife captured by Wayne Falda

Migrating Cormorant captured by Heidi Marvin

Juvenile Loon captured by Heidi Marvin

How often do you see a swan walking on the water? - captured by Nancy Boehm

Sharp-shinned Hawk after first snow - taken by Nancy Boehm