Our local community is the primary focus of our mission and community outreach. Check in on this page for our latest activities. Consider giving if you'd like to help us do more.

UMW Christmas Mission

Got Spare Change?

It is never too early to start preparing for our UMW Christmas Mission to benefit the needs of our children of Pine Street, Hightower Trail, and JH House Elementary Schools of Conyers.

Donations needed by October 31. You may also donate via our "Give" page as an alternative to collecting change.

Merryvale Assisted Living

Baby Dolls for Dementia Patients - Delivered!

Baby dolls for Alzheimer’s patients are therapeutic in a helpful, non-drug way to calm and soothe agitated seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Therapy dolls can help seniors feel useful and needed and give them something positive to focus on. Therapy dolls are helpful because they can bring back happy memories of early parenthood for both women and men. Many older adults enjoy rocking and cuddling their doll. Some even adopt the baby as their own and make caring for it part of their daily routine.

When asked if we could support this project, we responded "yes!". Our group rehabbed and prepared these dolls in accordance to the guidelines given for this therapeutic purpose, making quite a nursery of new therapy dolls ready for their new jobs. On Friday, they were delivered to a very appreciative Merryvale Assisted Living in Oxford, GA! https://merryvaleal.com

Trinity Mission - June 2021

On June 20th, we delivered 150 meal bags for Trinity Table Community Kitchen in Atlanta.

Stay tuned for our next event!