Church History

Founded in 1837, our church has witnessed much change during its rich history. Pre-Civil War attendees were a diverse group. During the Civil War it served as a hospital during the battle of Atlanta and Sherman's March to the Sea.

Genealogy buffs will find grave sites from early 1800's with many familiar names of our local families. Our church benefited from land donations from Montgomery, Pharr, Farmer and Holmes families over the time period of 1850-1950.

From the beginning, the Philadelphia UMC has been a community focused church with a heart of service. This tradition continues today. Come visit for the history; stay for the fellowship. Everyone is welcome here.

Drawing of the original church.

Front view of church

Civil War Heritage Trail marker

Aerial view - extensive graveyard dating to early 1800's

Come visit! There is much more to see on our historical grounds.