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Established 2019

Recent News and Updates

We are excited to announce a limited t-shirt run.  Thanks Custom Ink!

Charity Raffle

02/14/21.  This raffle is now live!  Visit the raffle page and help support Camp Jamison.  This charity event ends on February 28th.

01/10/21.  Introducing…  The Philly Old School Charity Raffle!

Greetings fellow Old Schoolers, beginning February 14th and wrapping up February 28th we will be running a charity raffle featuring items donated from around the Old School Community! 

We've got alters, vintage deck boxes, Magic comics, slabbed cards, APs with artist proxies, and more!

All proceeds will be going to support Camp Jamison, which is a Philadelphia-area charity that gives urban youth in the Greater Philadelphia area a chance to attend a week-long overnight camp in the Poconos where they learn interpersonal and team building skills alongside environmental lessons!  Check out for more info!

If you're interested in contributing something to be raffled off, please contact Dan Serwan (ChampBlankman on Twitter, reddit, and Discord) before January 31!

Spectral Chaos Spoilers

12/07/20.  Geoff M. (craw_advantage) and the rest of the Philadelphia crew crack open a pack of Spectral Chaos and discuss what we find.  You can read our thoughts here.  Big thanks to Micah (RagingRiver) for allowing Philadelphia Old School to be part of MTG's alternate history!  

Hiatus Ends

10/18/20.  The organized play schedule through first quarter 2021 has been posted on the event page.  "Season One" of 2021 begins January and implements a points system which rewards local play, spicy brews, and performance in larger events run by the greater OS community.

09/22/20.  Philadelphia Old School membership has surged in recent months with the arrival of a handful of new, bottle-wielding recruits.  With schedules beginning to normalize for our freshly minted fathers, we're resuming organized play.  Registration for October's double elimination bracket (ATL) ends Sunday, September 27th at 6PM.