PhiCube is...

Bilateral modular device

PhiCube is composed of a motorized and sensorized central body. Thanks to a very rich set of accessories and some simple adjustments, PhiCube allows the execution of various rehabilitation exercises, involving shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints in different ways.

Assist-as-needed rehabilitation

PhiCube adapts the rehabilitation parameters according to the actual capabilities of the patient. The provided assistance and bilateral support coordination are regulated according to the residual abilities of the patient. The constantly collected data and measurements infer the patient's performance. The proper levels of difficulty and assistance are tuned according to the "assist-as-needed" rehabilitation paradigm to favour motor recovery by exploiting neuroplasticity.

Integrated Human Design Oriented

The holistic approach of human centricity has strongly driven the design process of Phicube. Indeed, the solutions provided aim to the flexibility and adaptability of use and integrate the digital and physical world, creating an enjoyable user experience. The peculiar user persona study highlights limitations in motion control coordination due to cerebral palsy disease. The developed solution promotes inclusion, autonomy, and engagement.


PhiCube Data Analytics lets you discover collected data, in order to analyze the patient's improvements and infer rehabilitation trends.


..a friendly robotic device for bilateral upper limb rehabilitation featuring a wide range of gestures.