Welcome Military Families

Pine Grove Elementary School supports our Moody Air Force Base military families. We encourage you to browse our website and our Facebook page to learn more about our school. (www.facebook.com/PGEVikings )

We have a Military and Family Life Counselor assigned to our school who provides non-medical counseling services to our military students and their families. She provides a wide range of support to military students, family members, and staff who work with children. She engages in activities with children and is also available to parents and staff to discuss interactions with children and/or other concerns. Some issues that can be addressed include: School adjustment • Deployment and separation • Reunion adjustment • Sibling and parent-child communication • Behavioral concerns • Fear, grief and loss

Does your student have a parent who is going to be deployed? Please visit the “Scott Craven Mentoring Program" tab to learn more about how we support students of deployed families.

Thank you again for visiting our website. If you have further questions or would like to visit our campus, please contact us at 229-245-2297. Our Military and Family Life Counselor will be happy to give you a tour of our school. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

Helpful Numbers:

Military and Family Life Counselor

Pine Grove Elementary School

4175 River Rd, Valdosta, GA 31605

PGE Office #: 229-245-2297

MFLC Work Cell # 229-415-9759

School Liaison - Moody Air Force Base - Child & Youth Education Services

Darren Hill, Civ, USAF

23d Force Support Squadron

5091 Gardner Street (Bldg 400)

Moody AFB, GA 31699

COMM: 229-257-4380

FAX: 229-257-5858

Moody Air Force Base Youth Programs

(229) 257-3067

Moody AFB Airman & Family Readiness Center

9302 Davidson Rd, Moody AFB, GA 31699

Child Development Center II

3103 Robinson Rd, Moody, GA 31699

(229) 257-9220

*Questions about the State of Georgia's education policies regarding military families? Visit the Georgia Department of Education's website for answers.