Samuel Pont Personal Trainer Brighton

Personal training available in Brighton with one of the most experienced Health and Fitness coaches in the UK!

Do you want to become fitter , stronger and ultimately a healthier happier version of who you are now? If so I can most definitely help! I've been a personal trainer in Brighton now for 20 years and I have coached a massive variety of people from international competitive athletes, award winning performers, ante and post natal mothers to those just wanting to shape up and get fit . So you can be sure you are in very safe hands.

When you hire a personal trainer experience counts , I can provide countless client references and I am recognised as a leading authority in the UK in kettlebell, callisthenics , weight training and strength for sport.

Having a personal trainer should be more than someone coaching you through fitness sessions . You can get that at a class. A decent personal trainer should not only be striving to exceed your goals but also be there for you when you need advice , support and to be constantly assessing you, pushing you forwards in your fitness and your attitude towards health in general .

Dietary and nutritional coaching is also paramount to any successful training routine. I will always be versed in the latest most effective dietary coaching and methods to keep you on point.

I love to train people using kettlebells and callisthenics outside, as Brighton lends itself directly to this being by the sea! I also get people under some heavy weights in the gym if your goal set requires it. It really does just depend on what your goals are and what you'd like to achieve.

Come on board for fully functional personal training in Brighton and Hove. Don't trust your body to anyone else!