Pedram Khalili is Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northwestern University, and Director of the Physical Electronics Research Laboratory. Prof. Khalili is also Director of Graduate Studies of the Applied Physics Graduate Program at Northwestern University.  Prior to joining Northwestern, he was an Adjunct Assistant Professor (2013-2017) and Research Associate (2009-2013) in the department of electrical and computer engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  He was co-leader (2012-2017) of the memory program within the NSF TANMS engineering research center, which resulted in nonvolatile spintronic memory devices with record low power dissipation.  He previously served as a project manager at UCLA for two DARPA multi-institution programs (2009-2014), focusing on development of spin-transfer-torque magnetic random access memory (STT-RAM) and non-volatile logic (NVL), working with several university and industry partners including Intel, Micron, HGST (now Western Digital), Qualcomm, GlobalFoundries, and Singulus.  These programs resulted in some of the world’s fastest and lowest-power magnetic memory technologies to date. In 2012 he co-founded Inston Inc., a startup company where he served as board member and chief technology officer ​for five years. He and his team placed top-6 out of 3,000 entries worldwide in the Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge 2015. Pedram has published over 120 papers in peer-reviewed academic journals, is an inventor on 15 issued patents, and has given numerous invited talks at major conferences on magnetism, spintronics, and memory technologies. Pedram received the Northwestern ECE department's Best Teacher Award in 2020.

He received the B.Sc. degree from Sharif University of Technology in 2004, and the Ph.D. degree (cum laude) from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands, in 2008, both in electrical engineering. He serves on the Editorial Boards of Multifunctional Materials (IOP) and Journal of Physics: Photonics (IOP), and has served as a Guest Editor for Spin (World Scientific) and Micromachines. He has served on the technical program committees and organizing committees of several conferences, including the Joint MMM/Intermag Conference, and is a member of the Flash Memory Summit conference advisory board. Pedram is Chair of the Chicago Chapter of the IEEE Magnetics Society, and represents the IEEE Magnetics Society on the IEEE Task Force for Rebooting Computing (TFRC) Executive Committee. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE.

Postdoctoral Scholars 

Dr. Victor Lopez Dominguez obtained his degree in Physics in 2009, and his PhD degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in 2014 from the University of Barcelona (Spain).  His PhD was focused on the properties of magnetic nanoparticles, under low and high frequency magnetic fields, and new technological applications based on Terahertz waves, such as the non-invasive inspection of the permeation of topical drugs into the human skin. During 2014 to 2017, he was a postdoc researcher in the Institute of Applied Magnetism, a research institute of the Complutense University of Madrid. In this period, his research was focused on tunable magnetic metamaterials, and on the interaction between magnetic materials and microwaves.

Since October of 2017, Victor has joined the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at Northwestern University as Postdoctoral Researcher. His current research interests are focused on magnetic materials, ultra-fast magnetization dynamics, spintronics, and magnonics.

Graduate Students

Yixin Shao received his B.S. degree in Physics from Nanjing University in 2018.  He joined PERL as a Ph.D. student in the Fall of 2018, where he works on novel spintronic devices.

Jiacheng Shi received his B.S. degree in Physics from Fudan University in 2018.  He joined PERL as a Ph.D. student in September 2018.  His research focus is spintronics. 

Sevde Nur Arpaci obtained her B.S. degree in Physics from Bogazici University in 2016. From 2014 to 2019, she worked in Bogazici University Nanomagnetism and Spin Applications Research Group (BUSPIN). She joined PERL in September 2019 where she is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics. Her research interests are nanotechnology, magnetic materials and spintronics.

Banibrato Sinha was conferred his M.S. degree by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in 2021. He joined PERL as a Ph.D. student in the applied physics graduate program the same year. His research interests are focused on magnetic materials and spintronics.

Christian Duffee received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2021 and 2022 respectively. He joined PERL as a Ph.D student in September 2022 where he works on the intersection of spintronic devices and new computing schemes. 

Undergraduate Students

Idris Sunmola studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois, Chicago, before transferring to Northwestern’s Computer Information Systems program. His goal is to develop computational systems that are pertinent to the current A.I. zeitgeist. In his spare time he's an avid Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner. 

Sisilia Sinaga is currently majoring in computer science and minoring in physics. Within computer science, she is most interested in artificial intelligence/machine learning and theoretical computer science and potentially combining those areas with physics. She is involved in the NU Robotics Club and Society of Women Engineers on campus.

Andrew Borland currently studies materials science and engineering and is pursuing an ISEN certificate. In materials science, he is interested in studying the newest materials being used in the electronics and energy industries. Outside of class, he is also involved with Engineers Without Borders.  

Juin Chuen Oh studies electrical engineering and is interested in novel computation paradigms such as brain-inspired computer architectures. Juin Chuen is also interested in how we can bring artificial intelligence into the physical world by creating electrical circuits that behave like human brains. As a side note, Juin Chuen also likes fast cars and is involved with the Northwestern Formula Team.

Former Lab Members


Team barbecue, September 2021

Our newest team member, Oğlum. He occasionally participates in team meetings, as seen in the next photo.

Team meeting, November 2020

Team meeting, May 2019

Team meeting, September 2018