Tarmo Loogus family doctor center in Tartu

Family nurse previsit consultation service eelvisiit.ee

Assistant phone 7333 099

Tasku, Turu 2, IV-th floor


If you work in Tartu then you have Estonian health insurance and you have opportunity to

register with family physician. You must submit a signed application. Download application and bring it to our assistant (Tasku, Turu 2, IV-th floor)

Check your Estonian health insurance here or call 669 6630

If you plan to stay in Tartu for a longer period ( worker), it is reasonable to find your own family doctor.

The best is to register with a family doctor as soon as you have settled down in Tartu – make the first contact with your doctor while you are in good health .

You must have valid residence permit and you must regist your estonian personal ID number ( call 669 6630).

Do not apply if you do not have valid estoanian health insurance!

You will nearly always need to book an appointment time ahead to visit your family nurse or doctor!

All applicants to the family doctor's center (acutely ill, chronically ill, prescription extensions, etc.) are required to

register themselves through the pre-visit service at eelvisiit.ee

English speaking secretary tel 733 099 (You can leave mesage)

Guard family nurse: examination room 48 ( phone 731 21 68)

Prebooked family nurse consultations: examinations room 49

Prebooked doctor consultations: examinations room 47

Family nurse previsit service time is : M ,T, W ,TH, FR 9-15

Phone calls : Health service provider rings back only to Estoanian phone numbers! You can buy prepaid SIM card here

When we call you see message :"Private number is calling"

We do not offer any e-mail consultations use pre-visit service!

COVID-19 testing phone number is 634 6630 or 1220


COVID-19 Vaccination can be done at Confodo Tartu (registration phone. 6299277) or at the Tartu Kvartal Center , phone 731 7200)


Applying for a motor vehicle driving license 30 EUR

For work, practice (includes lung X-ray) 30 EUR

For work, practice (includes lung X-ray and faecal bacteriological tests) 75 EUR

For work, practice (does not include research) 15 EUR

Application for a weapons permit or a certificate of an assistant police officer 30 EUR

Going to study or work abroad (does not include research) 30 EUR

Applying for bank loans, insurance (does not include surveys) 30 EUR

Certificate of the Reserve Army and the Defense League 20 EUR

Other certificate (academic leave, camps, tourism companies, etc.) 20 EUR

Issuance of duplicates 5 EUR


Initial doctor's appointment (examinations not included) 50 EUR

Doctor's initial appointment (includes rapid urine test, CRP test) 60 EUR

Repeat doctor's appointment 30 EUR

Family nurse reception 25 EUR

Extension of a prescription 15 EUR

Doctor's home visit (does not include examinations) 100 EUR


By using Pre-Visit service you can forward your health related issues to Family Doctor Centre

Perearst Tarmo Loogus family doctor center has joined the MinuDoc platform

You can choose from the following services:

  • A new health problem

  • Prescription renewal

  • A visit from a healthy person

  • My chronic illness

  • Mental health services

For the selected service, please fill in the requested information and your concern will be forwarded to the family doctor center. The Family Medicine Center will contact you as soon as possible. KLICK HERE