New Developments in Number Theory

A Contributed Talk Series

The schedule for Round 5 (Feb 15th -Apr 19th) is now up!

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Our Mission:

This is an online research seminar in number theory showcasing the original research of early career mathematicians. The seminar consists of talks in number theory and related areas. It aims to promote the work of early career mathematicians, including graduate students and postdocs, especially those going on the job market soon. The talks are targeted towards a broad number theory audience.

Schedule of Talks:

The talks are scheduled early in the week, the time slots vary to accommodate speakers and participants from across the globe. Slides from the past talks will be posted here when available.

The full schedule in local time can be found here.

Zoom Registration for April 4th session.

For Speakers:

The talks in this series are 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions. Your talk should be aimed at a general number theory audience and be accessible to graduate students. The talks will be on Zoom. The organizers will contact you with further information.

For Attendees:

There will be two 20-minute contributed talks during each meeting. Participants are welcome to stay following the talks to have further discussions with the speakers or meet other audience members. We request that attendees use their full professional name on Zoom.

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~ Guest Hosts ~

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Acknowledgement: This series is a number theory (broadly construed) version of the Trends in low-dimensional topology seminar.