Pendleton Creek Women's Club

2023 Women's Club & League Registration Form
9-Hole, 18-Hole & Best Ball League registration has closed,
but Social League registration is open throughout the season.

Promoting the Game of Golf 
Through friendship & sportsmanship

The thrill of hitting a great tee shot, sinking a putt or making par is made better when you can share it with a friend. The Pendleton Creek Women's Club (PCWC) is created to broaden friendships and promote the game of golf among women at the Pendleton Creek Golf Club. 

The PCWC is an organized social club that invites all female members, 18 years or older, to join. The $25 annual membership fee will be used to offset your costs at an event that the Women's club will sponsor. For 2023, the events will be a mid-season social in the summer and a holiday social in December.

The PCWC  organizes the women's 18-hole, 9 hole and best ball leagues which carry separate registration fees.  For those interested in a social, non-competitive league,  our social flight has no cost to join except the $25 Women's Club membership fee.

The PCWC board of directors hopes to create multiple opportunities for women to gather, whether it's through one of the leagues or through the social events. Have a question,  email the PCWC president.