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The firm has a collective professional experience that encompasses a wide array of building types including commercial, retail, restaurant, franchise, fitness, residential, multi-family, religious, educational, and industrial design. Interior design services are also available.

U of A Garland Center

UA Book Store + Retail + Parking Garage

The project above was created while working for AFHJ, the architect of record. The design architect was HLKB Architecture.

Images above were taken by multiple online sources. Image copyright may be in place.

Bordinos Restaurant & Wine Bar - Cheers Liquor - Elizabeth Richardson Center - Evergreen Plaza - NWA Business Center - UA Printing Services - Speakeasy - Sycamore Center - Dr. Robert G. Taylor Plastic Surgery Institute - The United Building - Walton Life Fitness Center - United Bank

Projects above were worked on by Philip E. Hadfield at MBL while employed as a Project Manager. Image copyright may be in place. Additional projects listed below.


(firm symbol keys - project name listed below)

+ P h i l i p E . H a d f i e l d , A r c h i t e c t / p h A N , l l c

[ ] Designed to meet LEED Certification

- - - STUDIOFIVE architecture landscape interior [Collaboration]

- - Sallie C. Overbey, AIA, LEED AP [Collaboration]

-:- Sarah Susanka, FAIA, & Sallie C. Overbey, AIA, LEED AP [Collaboration]

- Hardcastle Design [Collaboration]

= iSpace Designers [Collaboration]

I INSIDE Interior Design [Collaboration]

:: Tom Johnson Architecture, LLC [Collaboration]

# Project Quality Assurance, LLC

> Architecture Plus, Inc.

< sky architecture

) deMx architecture [Collaboration]

• Miller Boskus Lack Architects , P.A. / Hiegel-Miller Architects

•• Amirmoez Foster Hailey Johnson Architects & Planners

••• Marlon Blackwell Architect

•••• Hight-Jackson Associates PA

R e s t a u r a n t / B a r :

+ Farrell's Lounge Bar & Grill - Expansion, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Marley's Pizzeria, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Einstein Bros. Bagels, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Einstein Bros. Bagels, Champaign, Illinois

+ Louie's Grill & Bar, Rogers, Arkansas

+ RW Halftime Sports Bar, Rogers, Arkansas

• Bordinos Restaurant, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Tortilla’s Mexican Grill, Bentonville, Arkansas

• Tortilla’s Mexican Grill, Siloam Springs, Arkansas

• Shogun Express, Bentonville, Arkansas

• Speakeasy, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Ben & Jerry’s, Branson, Missouri

R e t a i l :

•• [ ] University of Arkansas University Bookstore + Retail, Fayetteville, Arkansas

# Walgreen's, Springdale, Arkansas

# Walgreen's, Bentonville, Arkansas

- - - Bridge Liquor Store, Rogers, Arkansas

• Sycamore Center, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Crossover Liquor, Springdale, Arkansas

• Cheers Liquor & Wine Shoppe, Springdale, Arkansas

• Shops at the Mill, Johnson, Arkansas

• Sunset Station, Springdale, Arkansas

• Diesel Downs, Springdale, Arkansas

• 28th & J Shopping Center, Bentonville, Arkansas

• Cornerstone Retail, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Dixie Development Shopping Center, Rogers, Arkansas

• University Square, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Crossroads Plaza II, Bentonville, Arkansas

• Evergreen Plaza, Bentonville, Arkansas

• Evergreen Shopping Center, Bentonville, Arkansas

C o m m e r c i a l :

+ One Steele Plaza, On-Call Services, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Irwin Partners / Reed Associates, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ SupplyPike, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ CaseStack - First Floor Remodel, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ CaseStack - First Floor Expansion, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ CaseStack - First Floor Break Room Remodel, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ CaseStack - Second Floor, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ CaseStack - Second Floor Expansion Phase 1, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ CaseStack - Second Floor Expansion Phase 2, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ CaseStack - Second Floor Expansion Phase 3, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Federal Public Defender's Office, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ NIET, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Woodland Research Institute Remodel, Rogers, Arkansas

= Laser Partners, Fayetteville, Arkansas

I Chambers Bank, Fayetteville, Arkansas

I Bishop Law Firm, Fayetteville, Arkansas

I Kings River Title, Fayetteville, Arkansas

- - - Miller Commercial Flooring, Springdale, Arkansas

- - [ ] 211 Block Ave. Professional Offices, Fayetteville, Arkansas

•• [ ] University of Arkansas Garland Avenue Parking Garage, Fayetteville, Arkansas

•• Spring Street Parking Garage, Fayetteville, Arkansas

:: Cornerstone Bank, Huntsville, Arkansas

:: Kia of Fayetteville, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Arvest Bank, Tontitown Branch, Tontitown, Arkansas

• Arvest Bank, Emma Branch Renovations, Springdale, Arkansas

• Arvest Bank, Springdale South Branch Renovation, Springdale, Arkansas

• Arvest Bank, Thompson Branch Renovation, Springdale, Arkansas

• United Building, Springdale, Arkansas

• United Bank ATM, Springdale, Arkansas

• United Bank, Rogers Branch, Rogers, Arkansas

• Nelms Honda, (Honda of Fayetteville) Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Nelms Lincoln, (Toyota of Fayetteville) Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Nelms Acura, (Acura of Fayetteville) Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Frank Fletcher Honda, Bentonville, Arkansas

• Frank Fletcher Used Cars, Bentonville, Arkansas

• Suzuki of Fayetteville, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Rebsamen Insurance, Springdale, Arkansas

• JB Hunt Computer Center, Lowell, Arkansas

• Ozark Natural Foods, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Lewis Ford Service Department, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• West End, Springdale, Arkansas

• Northwest Arkansas Business Center, Lowell, Arkansas (3 Buildings)

• Wal-Mart Data Center, Anderson, Missouri

• NWA Business Journal, Springdale, Arkansas

• KURM Radio Station, Rogers, Arkansas

• CMIS Building, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Beau Terre, Bentonville, Arkansas

• Robinson Toyota, Jackson, Tennessee

- - - 71B Auto Auction Barn, Springdale Arkansas

- - - NLR Auto Auction, North Little Rock, Arkansas

R e l i g i o u s :

+ Rolling Hills Baptist Church, Fayetteville, Arkansas

) Eastside Missionary Baptist Church, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Trinity United Methodist Church, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Morris Hall/St. John, Little Rock, Arkansas

E d u c a t i o n a l :

•• University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences NW, Phase A-H, Fayetteville, Arkansas

•• University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences NW, Pharmacy, Fayetteville, Arkansas

•• [ ] University of Arkansas Garland Avenue Parking Garage, Fayetteville, Arkansas

•• [ ] University of Arkansas University Bookstore + Retail, Fayetteville, Arkansas

•• Bentonville Public Library- Phase II, Bentonville, Arkansas

• University of Arkansas Printing Services, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Elizabeth Richardson Center Preschool, Siloam Springs, Arkansas

• Arts Center of the Ozarks, Springdale, Arkansas

> Nashville HPER Center, Nashville High School, Nashville, Arkansas

•••• Rogers Middle School - South, Rogers, Arkansas

••• Baum Learning Center Competition, Fayetteville, Arkansas

R e c r e a t i o n & A s s e m b l y :

+ The Academy At Frisco - Outdoor Kitchen, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Simple Blessings Wedding & Event Center, Springdale, Arkansas

+ The Big Red Barn - Event Space Conversion, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Elkins Baseball Sports Complex - Concessions, Elkins, Arkansas

+ CrossFit - Argonaut, Lowell, Arkansas

- - - Shiloh Square Feasibility Study, Springdale, Arkansas

> Nashville HPER Center, Nashville, Arkansas

• Walton Life Fitness Center Tennis Facility Addition, Bentonville, Arkansas

• Walton Life Fitness Center Renovation & Addition, Bentonville, Arkansas

• Clarksville Aquatic Center, Clarksville, Arkansas

R e s i d e n t i a l & M u l t i - F a m i l y :

+ Hazel Townhomes, [ painted ladies ] Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Crestwood Drive Residence Addition / Remodel, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Bridgewater Estate, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Bullock Residence Remodel, Bella Vista, Arkansas

+ Flory Residence, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Henson Residence, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Giffino Residence, Farmington, Arkansas

+ McGill Remodel, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Castillo Residence, Springdale, Arkansas

+ Cliffview Addition / Remodel, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Crest Drive Addition / Remodel, Fayetteville, Arkansas =

+ Crestview Drive Addition / Remodel, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Gheen Residence Addition, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Mitchell Residence, Rural, Arkansas

+ Gragg Residence, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ The Skylight House, Sherwood, Arkansas

+ Oak Forrest Circle, Sherwood, Arkansas

+ Club Road Residence, Sherwood, Arkansas

+ Chantilly Avenue Residence Addition, Springdale, Arkansas

+ Sooky Residence, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Gregg Street Residence, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Secret Bathroom Remodel, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Dougan Residence, Springdale, Arkansas

+ Pianalto Residence, Springdale, Arkansas

+ Meadowlark Residence, Springdale, Arkansas

+ Backus Residence, Prairie Grove, Arkansas

+ McNeil Residence Remodel, Prairie Grove, Arkansas

+ Residence Lot 291, Prairie Grove, Arkansas

+ Residence Lot 292, Prairie Grove, Arkansas

+ Residence Lot 293, Prairie Grove, Arkansas

+ Residence Lot 294, Prairie Grove, Arkansas

+ South Pianalto Residence Remodel, Tontitown, Arkansas

+ Konold-Woelk Residence, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

+I Wilson Avenue Residence Renovation, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+I Rockcliff Road Residence Addition / Remodel, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+I Hyland Park Road Renovation, Fayetteville, Arkansas

I Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Zeta Chapter, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas

< Treetops Lot 6, Fayetteville, Arkansas

< Treetops Lot 16, Fayetteville, Arkansas

< Treetops Lot 42, Fayetteville, Arkansas

< West Avenue, Fayetteville, Arkansas

- - - Farmhouse Fraternity, University of Arkansas. Fayetteville, Arkansas

- - - Broyles Residence, Fayetteville, Arkansas

- - - Wommack Residence, Fayetteville, Arkansas

- - - Whitaker Residence, Fayetteville, Arkansas

- - - Kelly Carriage House, Fayetteville, Arkansas

- - - Dunk Residence, Elkins, Arkansas

- - - Dodson Remodel, Goshen, Arkansas

-:- Edwards Residence, Bentonville, Arkansas

- - Block Street Townhomes, Fayetteville, Arkansas

- - Marsh Residence Addition, Bentonville, Arkansas

- - NE A Street Residence, Bentonville, Arkansas

- - SW E Street Residence, Bentonville, Arkansas

- Goff Farm Road Residence, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Bumpass Residence, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Bradberry Residence, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Balmoral Town Homes, Springdale, Arkansas

• Rob Rudolf House, Rogers, Arkansas

• Sage House Apartments, Rogers, Arkansas

• Hillcrest View Condos, Fayetteville, Arkansas

••• Moore Honeyhouse, Cashier’s, North Carolina

••• Keenan Towerhouse, Fayetteville, Arkansas

I n d u s t r i a l :

+ Arkansas Portable Toilets, Fayetteville, Arkansas

+ Happy Trails Storage, Rogers, Arkansas

• AERT, Rogers, Arkansas

• F & H Food Equipment Company, Tontitown, Arkansas

•• SWEPCO Office Addition, Fayetteville, Arkansas

•• SWEPCO Power & Maintenance Addition, Fayetteville, Arkansas

••• EFCO Corporation, Monett, Missouri

M e d i c a l :

• Dr. Robert G. Taylor Plastic Surgery Institute, Johnson, Arkansas

• Dr. Johnny Bakker Dental Clinic, Springdale, Arkansas

• Family Foot Clinic, Springdale, Arkansas

• St. Mary’s Hospital, Rogers, Arkansas

• 412 East Medical Office, Springdale, Arkansas

• Health South Clinic Addition to Fayetteville Athletic Club , Fayetteville, Arkansas

H e a l t h c a r e :

- - - Charter Vista, Fayetteville, Arkansas

- - - Vantage Point of Northwest Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas

• Rogers Rehabilitation & Living Center Addition and Renovations, Rogers, Arkansas

• East Lansing Healthcare Addition & Renovations, East Lansing, Michigan

• Whitehall of Novi Addition & Renovation, Novi, Michigan

• Natchez Healthcare Addition & Renovation, Natchez, Mississippi

• McComb Extended Care, McComb, Mississippi

• Whitehall Healthcare Center of Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, Michigan

• Riverbend, Fort Wayne, Indiana

• Southwest Extended Care Center Addition and Renovations, McComb, Mississippi

• River Hills South Nursing Home Addition and Renovation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

• Charterhouse of Novi Addition and Renovation, Novi, Michigan

• Riverview of Ann Arbor Addition and Renovation, Ann Arbor, Michigan

• Butterfield Trail Village Clubhouse, Fayetteville, Arkansas

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