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Philip E. Hadfield, Architect [ PEH Architect ] is a full service architecture firm located in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The firm has a collective professional experience that encompasses a wide array of building types including commercial, retail, restaurant, franchise, residential, multi-family, fitness, religious, educational, day care, tenant improvements, and industrial design.

Interior design services are also available.



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There are always a new set of challenges with every project. Each site and building program creates the opportunity for great projects to evolve into something unique. We believe people can embrace the creativity of architecture when exposed to it. It is a feeling from within which may provide a sense of comfort, sophistication, and sometimes enlightenment. With each new challenge, a new way to conceptualize architecture has emerged. Thinking a little outside the norm. We provide a chance for the client to be given a building and space which is not what has been stamped out before, but is uniquely their own. Built to their specific needs and desires. Which is not only something that looks and functions well, but also feels right deep within. Keeping in mind the site, program, and budget, we seek to provide clients with what they need and ask for, but strive to give them more than they knew might be possible. To achieve the best building conceivable for their needs.

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This project was created while working for AFHJ, the architect of record. The design architect was HLKB Architecture.

Images shown were taken by multiple online sources. Image copyright may be in place.

Projects shown were worked on by Philip E. Hadfield at MBL while employed as a Project Manager.

Image copyright may be in place.

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