Personel & References


  • People Like Ivan Tome, who comes from a family of renowned Contractors, having been mentored by his father from a young age, and whom has been with us for over 15 years. Ivan ensures that all work done is excellent, and any new developments in the field are incorporated into field procedures.

  • Lisa Simon-Billeaudeau whom prior to her work on our Real Estate projects, had a consulting practice in Organizational Development, had succesfully managed projects & people in health care (research & development), retail, and the restaurant sector. Lisa's Real Estate Metrics, her experience collecting and analyzing data, and her ability to manage operations is second to none.

  • People like Wendy and Moses, two of our inspectors/Maintenance Technicians, both of whom are kind, honest, reliable, intelligent and Extremely well trained. The social skills applied on the job by both indidividuals put difficult tenants at ease, and lay the foundation for a productive relationship with the Property Management Team.

  1. Our company is non traditional. We are a precision crafted team, not a hierarchical structure with management and employees. We retain select individuals whom have the ability to go through a vigorous training program and are able to thrive in our company culture.

  2. In addition to our comprehensive training program, which includes mentorship, collaboration and supervision in the field, we collaborate with professionals/and have owned properties, all over the country. We have people with experience and licensing as contractors, Home Inspections, Real Estate Brokering, Real Estate Appraisals and Commercial Business Audits, along with business associates with years of experience in managing properties &selling real estate, real estate investment Know-How, and financial expertize.

  3. The common denominator with our group: Everyone has been financially successful and made their living(s) in real estate! Not telling others "how to," but actually being successful as real estate developers, managing commercial and residential properties, and in designing and doing substantial renovations on income producing property(s).

  4. We don't use cookie cutter procedures... we custom design our metrics, inspections and procedures around the specific needs of our client. You won't fill out a 20 something page, canned template, with multiple choices... and get a fancy PDF back, with graphs, bells and whistles! These "one size fits all" products are useless. They seldom deal directly with the specific needs of a client.

  5. Onboarding a project: The initial consultation allows us to identify your needs and what products and services we can offer to address these needs. For example our "50 plus inspection & maintenance procedures" is an innovative product that looks at over 100 things on average, in a dwelling. This product can be tailored to the specific needs of the property management team. Things like the local legislative environment and various municipal codes, etc.

References/Time Line


Mission Group Appraisal- Full service appraisal license secured, worked under jeff kabatznik and James Presta for 5 years. Broker License also secured (California State).

Address: 2601 Mission Street, Phone 415.648.0648 Jeff Kabatznik owner

Development- on Sugar Mill Road, Opelousas Louisiana. 120 Acre plus land area subdivided, roads built and one acre plots sold. Pecan Park Grove started as an LLC, managed and developed sales staff, including with Van Eaton & Romero and with Clayton Manufactured Homes. We sold development out, had to negotiate with local boards, permits, zoning, etc.


Hayes Street Building Project- Renovated a two level Edwardian Unit, turning the bottom unit into a Rental, and eventually an Air B&B. We designed the bottom unit with the help of an architect to get permits.

Doorman Property Management/On Site Property Systems- Started to do Inspections for this company as a 1099 employee. These inspections included Move in/Move out inspections, and also completed maintenance requests.

Address 3 East Third Ave #200, San Mateo California 94401, Phone 415.878.1900

Owner Nick Kraemer 702.720.4750


On Site Property Management- Started to develop "Safety Inspections" with Nick Kraemer, the owner of the company. We designed & implemented niche inspections for property managers. These inspections addressed fire safety, code violations, tenant issues, deferred maintenance, quality & condition of appliances, and other property management issues.

Purchased 150 Acres in Winnemucca Nevada to subdivide & develop.

Sold an income producing property at 2311 Guerrero Street held in trust as a project.

2010-2020 (We Moved to Baltimore Maryland Effective 2010)

Quik Trak Inspections and audits- Performed various audits of small business inventory, did car

appraisals, home inspections, bank inspections, delivered notices, in a multi state area including Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, etc.

Address 9700 SW Nimbus Ave, Beaverton, Or 97008, 800.927.8725,

DataComp Appraisal Services- Became NADA certified to appraise manufactured homes. Was "for fee" appraiser for company. Did manufactured housing appraisals, consultations for realtors, and audits.

Address 2600 5 mile road, NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525, 616.574.0470, datacompusa. com

Onsite Property Systems- I would commute and do clusters of safety inspections. At this time we started to set up for offering the inspections to other management companies with plans to return to the area.

Blue Mountain Ranch Development- We built up one 40 acre site with plans to sell lots.


Pecan Park Grove opens up as a full service inspection, investment and consulting firm.

Pecan Park Grove designs and implements construction of residential units that are "off grid" homesteads, which can be ordered and financed as part of buying a lot in our development.