Personel & References


Darrell Simon CEO Pecan Park Grove. 1124 West Galloway Avenue, Weiser, Idaho 83672 415.440.1316

Resume_________________________________________ Commercial & residential inspections... Including:

° Mortgage related ° Vehicle Appraisals

° Audits ° Custom inspections...

° Safety   °Property management

Educational & Professional Credentials

° BA St. Mary's MD Psychology 1987 ° MA California Institute of Integral Studies Philosophy 1994

° California Licensed Broker 2006 ° “For Fee” Real Estate Appraiser Licensing CA 2004

° Quik Trac Training Auditor 2009 ° N.A.D.A Certified Inspector Manufactured housing 2010


Background & Experience 

1995-2001 Mission Group Appraisal- Apprenticed & Worked under Jeff kabatznik and James Presta for 5 years as licensed Appraiser. 

Address: 2601 Mission Street, Phone 415.648.0648 Jeff Kabatznik owner

CA Broker... Buyer Agent. Negotiated sales and advised property buyers in the Bay Area. Gave Real Estate Advice on Financing Properties  in Monthly Presentations. 

Development Built- Sugar Mill Road, Opelousas Louisiana. 120 Acre  land area subdivided, roads built, and one acre plots sold. Pecan Park Grove started as an LLC,  managed and developed sales staff at Van Eaton & Romero and Clayton Manufactured Homes. Negotiated with local community Board, Permit & Zoning officials.

We sold development out.  

2001-2005  Hayes Street Building Project- Renovated   Edwardian Duplex, turning the bottom unit into a Rental, and eventually an Air B&B. We designed the bottom unit with the help of an architect. I was general contractor for this project... Did cost analysis', Financing, and hired sub contractors.  

On Site Property Systems- Started doing Inspections for this company as a 1099 employee. These included: Move in/Move out inspections, and Maintenance Requests.Address: 3 East Third Ave #200, San Mateo California 94401, Phone 415.878.1900 Owner Nick Kraemer 702.720.4750.

2005-2010 On Site Property Management- Designed & Developed niche "Safety Inspections,” for Property managers, with Nick Kraemer, now my partner. Inspections addressed fire safety, code violations, tenant issues, deferred maintenance, quality & condition of appliances, and other property management issues.   Pecan Park Grove

continues to refine this Inspection product.

Development: Purchased 150 Acres in Winnemucca Nevada to subdivide & develop. Blue Mountain Ranches Jungo Road, Winnemucca Nevada 

2010-2020 (We Moved to Baltimore Maryland Effective 2010) Quik Track Inspections and audits- Performed various Commercial & Residential Audits of business' inventory, did car appraisals, home inspections, bank inspections, delivered notices, in a multi state area including Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, etc.

Address: 9700 SW  Nimbus Ave, Beaverton, Or 97008, 800.927.8725,

DataComp Appraisal Services- Became NADA certified to appraise manufactured homes. Was "for fee" appraiser for company.  Did manufactured housing appraisals, consultations for realtors, and audits. Address: 2600 5 mile road, NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525, 616.574.0470, datacompusa. com

Onsite Property Systems- commuted to California every 3 months, to do clusters of safety inspections. At this time we started to set business, Pecan Park Grove, up to offer the inspections to other management companies.

Blue Mountain Ranch Development-  Levelled lots and started advertising campaign to sell lots with a prefab cabin, which we build and finance for the consumer. 

2020-Present Pecan Park Grove is a full service inspection, investment & consulting firm. Pecan Park Grove 

designs & implements construction of "off grid" homesteads offered as a choice to property buyers in the development.