Pecan Park Grove LLC

Real Estate Inspection, Investment & Consultation Services

Inspections To Suite Your Needs:

  • Annual Inspection Covering over 100 Points of Service.

  • Safety/compliance

  • Move in and move outs

  • Manufactured Housing valuations

  • Bank inspections

  • Home Inspections

  • Consultations: property valuations, legislative environments, etc.

  • Small business audits for commercial properties

Property Management Inspections:

  • We Specialize in working with Property Management Companies

  • Safety inspection/preventative maintenance procedures, covering over 50 points of service!

  • Let us do your move in/outs, and other such routine inspections.

  • We have our own inspection forms, or if you use a server like AppFolio, we can work in your system.

  • Customized Inspections to suite the unique needs of your property owners

  • Schedule in advance various safety inspections that come up on an annual basis

  • Most preventative maintenance Procedures & Installations completed same day, on site

  • Excellent network of Contractors to handle more involved procedures.

  • Consultations Regarding best practices & Permit Process

  • We are design specialists! We can help you turn your in law and other areas, into useable, finished square footage.

  • Basic Home Inspections for Buyers/Sellers

  • We are licensed to do inspections for Modular and Manufactured homes.

Projects & Opportunities For Prospective Investors

Dear Prospective Investor

Before becoming licensed brokers, appraisers and home inspectors, and developing our own projects, we started in the real estate business as students.

We developed our own proprietary research & development metrics, contributing to a vision, sustained by successful building developments, design and management projects. Including: the completion of a 120 Acre development in the Opelousas /Lafayette area of Louisiana, a 130 Acre development in Winnemucca Nevada, the Renovation of a San Francisco duplex that become a successful rental unit & Air B&B Unit.

Our latest project is in Winnemucca Nevada. Winnemucca is growing due to the growth of Reno, Post Covid attitudes about owning land to live off of, and understanding Solar resources. People want to purchase land that is the perfect distance from major urban areas... not to far, not to close.

The lots we sell, in the Blue Mountain Ranches development, have a central road, access to water, are the right distance from town and all major roads. We have programs to walk you through these resources and living in the area. These include the latest home building and off grid energy technologies.

Our Programs include the latest information on well priced, services & systems, to get a prospective purchaser, water, energy and all the other things necessary, to live comfortably in the area. Our lots are very reasonably priced... We can even finance a state of the art cottage, up to 600 Sq feet. for you with a reasonable down payment!

Are You an Investor? Aspiring Developer?

There is a lot to Learn... Call Us!

  • Proprietary metrics used to value property for development.

  • Consultation services specializing in the land purchase process

  • Preparing one for dealing with the local legislative environments

  • The right land to purchase

  • Packaging services that run with the land to a consumer

  • Researching a potential purchase

  • Marketing to the typical consumer that will want to purchase your lots.

Real Estate Offerings

Hayes Street Project

Renovated air B&B Unit with Rental Unit Upstairs. Bottom Unit Given total renovation, with state of the art bathroom, steam shower, new appliances, throughout. Estimated to bring in almost 20k combined (rental unit and air B&B Unit Downstairs).

This project is closed.

Winnemucca Lots For Sale

  • Lots up the road, 30 miles, from "Burning Man"

  • Off Jungo road, the only other major East/West road

  • Best location!

  • Owner financing for 5, 10 and 15 acre lots *

*Price dependent on size, location and money down.

Our program to set up a homestead

  • We personally guide you from start to finish

  • Program includes a network of best service providers

  • We can build, a state of the art cottage up to 600 feet, with all systems in place,

We will finance your cottage!

Programs Included:

A) Solar info, battery bank info, what system to buy, wattage, Panels, how many? what type?

B) Other state of the Art Energy Systems, best battery Generator type(s), Composting systems, etc.

C) Cell phones, best plans, internet coverage, Satellite systems: Location, Television, Etc.

D) Best safety practices: roaming BLM lands. Road Types, how to navigate areas off road.

E) Using a satellite locator... never be lost/best apps and maps. Car Kits, what to have on you!

F) Housing design, local codes, housing inspections, Permit process, whats allowed?

G) Buy an easily financed, well made cabin for between 15 to 20 K: Custom built!

H) Different Vehicles, get them cheap! how to set them up as virtual portable generators.

I) How to set up a composting toilet. Most comfortable toilet and the waste is easy to deal with.

Everything you need

Down to the specific links to purchase the items & Our expertise/Consult Services to guide you through the homesteading process.


Soliciting partners and investors for an entertainment complex/Paintball Facility Adjacent to the Winnemucca Drag Racing Strip!

  • The Local Agencies are behind the project

  • Zoning and Permits Cleared

  • The Need is urgent for such a Facility

  • Young People need Activities

  • People Need jobs

The Rural agencies in the Humboldt county area of NV are undergoing a major shift. Ranching is in the decline and businesses are needed to employ people in new vocations. The youth in the area also need recreational facilities.

Paintball is a recreational activity that is fit for all ages, and is an excellent segway to a complete recreational area that will employ many individuals, and provide for the Winnemucca area as it grows.

First phase is to present a state of the art paintball facility, with multiple fields, a pro shop and cafe. The facility is 30 acres, just off Jungo road, about 10 minutes from town, near a race track and drag racing strip. It is a perfect location.

The next phases are a drive in movie complex, a miniature golf field, a zip glide and climbing wall. The facility will feature paintball fields that professionals can train on for simulations, league sanctioned paintball fields, and fields for kids as young as preteen. The eatery will provide excellent food, handled by a professional chef. This eatery will become a destination in its own right, and a major source of revenue.

We Need:

  • Partners who have an avid interest in Paintball*

  • Mezzanine financiers for lot clearing, septic and well

  • Financiers interested in a % of the business for capital

*We have excellent people part of the team for this project. This includes, people with a knowledge of all construction issues, and a contractor, local people in the government to clear our path, culinary people who have previous restaurant and catering experience, people who know about security, law enforcement, military and how a field for simulated scenarios is valuable. We have a social media person to set us up and drive our presence in the community, Interns to help with our add campaigns.

We want someone on board who is an expert in Paintball. We are soliciting for such an individual to act in consult for hiring refs, contacting league representatives, etc.

Contact Info Pecan Park Grove

Darrell Simon CEO 415.440.1316 Fax 877.560.6887

Lisa Simon CEO 443.462.2336