Dollar-for-Dollar Match

$20,000 in Local Challenge Grants

Kick Off Student and Teacher Funds

A group of Bartlesville education advocates has stepped forward with dollar-for-dollar challenge grants totaling more than $20,000 to help support childcare needs and teacher actions should Bartlesville school shut down on April 2.

The challenge means every dollar contributed by citizens to support children’s and teachers’ needs during the possible school suspension will be matched by contributors who have already pledged their support, with the goal of raising at least a total of $40,000.

“We are incredibly grateful for these early contributors, who in the space of 24 hours between March 17 and 18, came forward to support our kids and our teachers,” said Dan Droege, a member of the Community-Wide Steering Committee that is coordinating local resources in the event of a school shutdown.

“These advocates for public education have challenged us all to do our part to help make sure every child has a safe place and meals to eat while schools are closed and that our teachers have the financial support to stand up for our students locally and at the state capitol,” he said.

The allocation for money from both funds will be handled through an application process managed by the financial subcommittee of the Bartlesville Community-Wide Steering Committee.

The steering committee is the official coordinating network of school administrators, teachers, PTOs, churches, nonprofits and other organizations and resources that has been convened to assist parents and teachers in the event of a school suspension .