Public Education Advocates for Kids

Join Bartlesville Teachers inside the Capitol for Meetings with Lawmakers April 16 & 17

The statewide teacher walkout has ended, but Bartlesville will continue to lead the way in advocating for public education -- by returning to the Capitol on Monday and Tuesday, April 16-17. This is not a picketing, marching or poster event. This is a strategic visit inside the Capitol led by a delegation Bartlesville community representatives and teachers from the Bartlesville Education Association advocating for adequate operational funding to reduce class sizes, provide more classroom support and supply adequate materials.

Representative Earl Sears has indicated that key legislative proposals involving wind energy will be considered on those days. These measures could provide additional funding for critical classroom needs. Upon arrival of the Bartlesville delegation on both days, Rep. Sears will provide a briefing and recommendations on other legislators for the delegation to visit for the remainder of the stay. Talking points will be provided in advance.

Transportation by the Bruin Activity Bus will be provided -- or you can drive your own vehicle or car pool. Riding the bus provides delivery and pickup directly in front of the Capitol Building. For the scheduling purposes, it's important you provide contact information.

I want to help our teachers...

Donate to the Teacher Support Fund.

Contributions through this fund, under the auspices of Public Education Advocates for Kids (PEAK), will go toward defraying the cost of transportation for teachers traveling to and from events in Oklahoma City during the suspension period, for local rallies and for banners, signs and educational materials. Donations to this fund are not tax-deductible.

I want to help our students...

Contributions through this fund, under the auspices of the Bartlesville Community Foundation (BCF), will go toward supporting community resources such as the Boys & Girls Club, the YMCA and other organizations that are taking on extra trained staff and additional costs in order provide full-day youth supervision and meals in the event of a school shutdown. Donations also will support tutoring for BHS students preparing for key tests next month. Donations to this fund are tax deductible. Online contributions to this fund are directed to the Education Support Fund within the BCF website.

If you prefer, you may also contribute directly to one of the supporting organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, The Rock and the YMCA by sending your donation to that organization.

PEAK Believes:

Public education is the fundamental driver of Oklahoma’s long-term economic prosperity, job creation and quality of life.

PEAK Supports:

  • Increased funding for all state public schools, starting with – but not limited to – significant pay raises for all teachers to make Oklahoma educators’ salaries competitive with public school systems in surrounding states.
  • Prohibiting the use of taxpayer funds (or vouchers) to support private schools because such measures further reduce funding for public education.
  • Cost-efficient operations at all levels of Oklahoma public education, but not as a substitute for much-needed increases in overall funding for public schools.
  • Immediate steps to rein in the numerous state tax credits and incentives provided to various industries that deprive Oklahoma public schools of millions of dollars in funding year after year.
  • Measures to grow state revenues, including prudent tax increases, in order to improve the quality of education in our public schools and ensure a brighter future for the children of Oklahoma.
  • For more about PEAK, go to Questions about Your Donation
  • Learn more about the Oklahoma Public Education Crisis and how to solve it at

To Donate by Check:

  • Check donations to support teacher needs should be made out to PEAK-Teacher Support and sent to PEAK, attention George Halkiades, treasurer, 1211 SE Guinn Ln, Bartlesville, OK, 74006 .
  • Check donations to support children’s needs should be made out to the Bartlesville Community Foundation with the notation: “Education Support Fund” and mailed to BCF, 208 E. Fourth St., Bartlesville, OK, 74003.

THANK YOU FROM THE TEACHERS AND STUDENTS OF BARTLESVILLE! All online and check contributions will be acknowledged.