Public Education Advocates for Kids

PEAK Believes:

Public education is the fundamental driver of Oklahoma’s long-term economic prosperity, job creation and quality of life.

PEAK Supports:

  • Increased funding for all state public schools, starting with – but not limited to – significant pay raises for all teachers to make Oklahoma educators’ salaries competitive with public school systems in surrounding states.
  • Prohibiting the use of taxpayer funds (or vouchers) to support private schools because such measures further reduce funding for public education.
  • Cost-efficient operations at all levels of Oklahoma public education, but not as a substitute for much-needed increases in overall funding for public schools.
  • Immediate steps to rein in the numerous state tax credits and incentives provided to various industries that deprive Oklahoma public schools of millions of dollars in funding year after year.
  • Measures to grow state revenues, including prudent tax increases, in order to improve the quality of education in our public schools and ensure a brighter future for the children of Oklahoma.