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My name is Rachel Cruz and I am the school nurse at Matunuck School. The health and well being of your child is very important to me. I will be conducting vision, hearing and dental screenings throughout the year. I will be notifying you in advance of screening dates. Health updates will be sent with the Friday Folder or in an email Skylert message.

Medications at school:

All medications prescription and including non-prescription, over-the-counter medications (cough drops,  tylenol, allergy medications and lotions) require a parent signature and a doctor's signature per the SKSD policy. See policy and form by clicking  links:

SKSD Medication Policy

SKSD Medication Form

All prescription and  over-the-counter medications are kept in the nurse’s office. Students should not carry medications to school or in school.

As the year comes to a close, I would like to remind all parents/guardians to pick-up their child’s medications and supplies on the last day of school for your child. Medications cannot be sent home with your child. Any medications that are left will be discarded. Please contact me if you need to make arrangements for pick-up otherwise anytime during the school day is fine.

This would include daily prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, inhalers, Epipens/Benadryl, and any other supplies needed at the nurse’s office. 

In September, medications will need to be brought in again with new medication forms signed by your doctor. Even non-prescription, FDA approved, over-the-counter medications, such as, Tylenol, Motrin, cough drops, allergy/cold medications, and any topical lotions or creams require a doctor’s signature. Please remember to check the expiration dates on all medications and keep the medications in their manufacturer or pharmacy labeled container. Emergency medications such as Epipens/Benadryl and other supplies should be brought to the nurse on or before the start of the first day of school. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Have a happy and healthy summer. 


Rachel Cruz

MES School Nurse Teacher


(401) 360-1259


Medication Form

Medication Policy

Bee Sting and Food Allergy Form

RI Physical Form

Kindergarten and New Student Health Requirements

RI Immunization Exemption Forms

4-27-20 Authorization for Prescription & Non-Prescription Medications to be Taken During School Hours.pdf
medication policy 2019.pdf
State Physical Form2.pdf
SKSD Health Requirements.pdf

SKSD Kindergarten Health Requirements

● DTaP- 5 doses (Final dose after 4 y.o.)

● HepB -3 doses (Final dose after 6-months old)

● Polio- 4 doses (Final dose after 4-years old)

● MMR -2 doses

● Varicella- 2 doses or proof from your child’s doctor stating that your child has a history of chickenpox disease

● Proof of Lead Screening

● Proof of Vision Screening

● Copy of 5 year old Physical Exam within the past 12 months or appointment within 6 months of entering school

Elementary New Student Health Requirements