PD à la carte

This website was created by the RECIT AGE, RECIT VT, and PROCEDE Curriculum Consultant* teams to offer support and assistance in the implementation of online learning services in Adult General Education and Vocational Training centres across the province. (*The PROCEDE Curriculum Consultant mandate ended on June 30, 2020.)

The "PD à la carte" website provides general resources to teachers and specific aide to Pedagogical Consultants and Centre Directors in the AGE/VT network.

The site is divided into themes to allow for easy navigation. Each theme contains videos and articles that have been curated and vetted so that consultants can view them or send them directly to teachers in need. More locally created resources will follow.

The PD calendar page is a schedule of online workshops and online open meetings hosted by different members of our collaborative team.

If you are a Centre Director or Consultant, please fill out this form for specific PD requests:

For more information on our contributors, please visit our websites.

Avi Spector, Marc Gariépy,

Giovanna Salvagio, & Emilie Bowles

James Burn