4th Protein Biophysics at the end of the world

1-4th October 2019 | Montevideo | Uruguay

Save the date! The registration to this event is free for all attendees. There are fellowships available.


The event was conceived as an initiative of young researchers from South America to push forward a growing community in the area of protein folding, structure and dynamics in that region of the world. Its main objective is to bring together computational and experimental researchers, undergraduate and graduate students from different areas of Structural Biology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry and Biophysics in order to unify the different visions in the study of the field. The main goal is to privilege instances of discussion and collaboration, which means short talks and more room for questions.

Former Editions

This is not our first meeting, indeed there is now a reach tradition of successful editions. The impressive success of this event is denoted by the number of attendees and the increasing financial support from international (PABMB, The Protein Society, Biophysical Society, ICGEB, UNU-BIOLAC) and local sponsors. Remarkable scientists from the other hemisphere as Jose Onuchic and Charles R. Sanders have joined previous editions of the event.


Santiago, Chile

(3 days, 92 attendees, 29 speakers, 2 keynotes, 2 mini-courses)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

(3 days, 67 attendees, 24 speakers, 2 keynotes, 2 mini-courses)

Santiago, Chile

(4 days, 100 attendees, 24 speakers, 3 keynotes, 3 mini-courses)

Welcome to Montevideo, Uruguay 2019!

The event will be held at the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo

October at spring is a very nice time to visit Uruguay, taste the traditional parrillada and have the famous Tannat wine.

What's in the menu?

The general program consists on a set of mini-courses and lectures focused on discussing ongoing researches and emergent ideas on fundamental and applied aspects, which are further enriched by outstanding keynotes. This year, we pretend to innovate by adding an Elevator Pitch session and a Chalk Talk. The best ten elevator speeches will be ask to present at the Young Scientists session.

Program at glance!

Detailed Agenda


Getting the most with the least!

Advanced sampling techniques in Molecular Dynamics

by Adrián Roitberg

The Future is around the corner...

Artificial Intelligence for quantum calculations in life

by Adrián Roitberg

You can be an artist too!

Biomolecular visualization, analysis and rendering for publication

by Matías Machado

Your research in 1.5'

Top speeches go to the Young Scientists Session

After lunch discussions

Share your results while having a cup of coffee

Enlight your desktop

by Matias Machado

PeerJ Award to Best Talk

Open access journal publisher PeerJ will award the Best Oral Presentation by a student or early career researcher at the Young Scientists session. The winner will receive a voucher for a free PeerJ paper (upon submission and acceptance through our normal peer review system – a $1095 value) and an interview on the PeerJ site about their research. The award aims to support rigorous scientific effort by early career researchers as well as to bring continued awareness to the benefits that open access and open communication have in furthering scientific progress.

Confirmed Speakers

Adrián Roitberg

University of Florida(USA)

José Onuchic

Rise University(USA)

Leonel Malacrida

University of California at Irvine(USA)

Pablo Dans

Institute for Research in Biomedicine(Spain)

Ana C. Migliorini Figueira

Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials(Brazil)

Leandro Martínez

University of Campinas(Brazil)

Adolfo H. Moraes

Federal University of Minas Gerais(Brazil)

Ariela Vergara

Universidad de Talca(Chile)

Horacio Poblete

Universidad de Talca(Chile)

María-Natalia Lisa

Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Rosario(Argentina)

Valeria Levi

Universidad de Buenos Aires(Argentina)

Luciana Capece

Universidad de Buenos Aires(Argentina)

Karina Alleva

Universidad de Buenos Aires(Argentina)

Ari Zeida

Universidad de la República(Uruguay)

Lucía Turell

Universidad de la República(Uruguay)

Daniel Peluffo

Universidad de la República - CENUR Litoral norte(Uruguay)

Lia Randall

Universidad de la República(Uruguay)

Agustín Correa

Institut Pasteur de Montevideo(Uruguay)

Felipe Trajtenberg

Institut Pasteur de Montevideo(Uruguay)

Exequiel Barrera

Institut Pasteur de Montevideo(Uruguay)

Rafael Radi

Universidad de la República(Uruguay)

Who's behind the curtains?

Matías Machado

Institut Pasteur de Montevideo(Uruguay)

Ernesto Roman

Universidad de Buenos Aires(Argentina)

Cesar Ramirez

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile(Chile)

Alejandro Buschiazzo

Institut Pasteur de Montevideo(Uruguay)

Sergio Pantano

Institut Pasteur de Montevideo(Uruguay)

Our Sponsors

We thank all contributors to this event, without their support we could not make it. If you want to be part of our supporters, just contact us!

Institut Pasteur de Montevideo
The Protein Society

Academic Endorsement