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github: paztronomer | linkedin: f-paz-chinchon

I'm Francisco Paz-Chinchón, I'm astronomer. Paz + Astronomer = paztronomer... Get it?

I'm not only interested in Astrophysics, but also in how we can connect different sciences under the machine learning umbrella, sharing knowledge and methods across. And yeah, don't forget Bayes.

Currently I'm working as Postdoc at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications @UIUC for the Dark Energy Survey.

Research interests... what lies beneath it?

My research has been driven by many subjects... but I can condense it in 2: statistical methods for science in intense computing, and time-domain astronomy. My interest in methods goes beyond simply using them as black-boxes: I like to detangle them, explore new perspectives, and push forward.

I'm passionate about the interdisciplinary, how far we can reach by sharing methods and strategies from one field to another.

In the astronomical side of things one area I have been studying is the variability of stars: from cool dwarf to the ones similar to our Sun. Also, studied the mathematical non-linear behavior of time-series in astronomy. Recently I have been interested in gravitational waves too.

Wondering what I do on my daily basis? Codes. A lot of them... some publics, some not. At my Github you'll find some of them.

If you have some question, feel free to contact me via Twitter.

Papers in astronomy journals, from stellar variability to the kilonova gravitational waves counterpart, all in my ORCID account