Dark Energy Universe

The Dark Energy Survey (spoiler: I work for this project!) is a astronomical multinational scientific collaboration, tackling the mysteries of the early Universe (some billions of years ago), the formation of our Galaxy and the local neighborhood (yes, we do have a "condo" of galaxies), and a lot of additional astrophysical problems. The best is: it is so much fun!

And... we have an available interactive HD map of the Universe! This map is 10,000,000,(19 zeros in total) times fainter that your eyes see from a busy city, on a starry night.

To access it go to: https://desportal.cosmology.illinois.edu/dri/apps/home/ and "Sign up". After entering you'll be able to see the Universe with a level of detail few times achieved in human history


PS: We made public a first "data release" on past January (https://des.ncsa.illinois.edu/releases/dr1) But even when all this data is available for anyone who is curious about "what is beyond the atmosphere"