Paw Prints Agility Class Schedule

We teach all levels of dog agility. located in Apple Valley CA we also serve Victorville, Hesperia, Adelanto, Phelan and Oak Hills.


This is a pre-agility class. The emphasis is on building a strong working relationship between the dog and handler, basic handling skills and an introduction to the agility equipment.

Prerequisite: It is recommended that the dog be able to sit, down, stay and come when called, but not required. Aggressive dogs are not allowed in group class.

Sign-up opens: open now! Class fees due: contact instructor

Contact Debbie for more information or to enroll in the Beginner class.

Debbie McGee: ph. 760-964-6921


The dogs learn how to confidently and safely perform all of the agility obstacles in this class and finish the session performing short sequences of 4 - 5 obstacles.

Prerequisites: Dogs must be fit and trim, be able to sit, down and stay. They must also have a good recall and the ability to stay with and work with their handler off-leash. Aggressive dogs are not allowed in group classes.

Intermediate and Advanced Foundation Skills:

The dog and handler will learn foundation skills necessary to successfully navigate agility courses. Some of the skills covered are; front crosses, blind crosses, rear crosses, push backs, left and right directionals, 180's, 270's, pinwheels, serpentines, threadles, converging lines, obstacle discrimination, shaping the dogs path, and weave pole entry and exit skills.

Prerequisites: Teams must have successfully completed Novice or equivalent through private lessons. Aggressive dogs are not allowed in group classes.

Handling (Novice/Open/Skills):

This level is for teams who have competed the Advanced Agility series and are ready to start prepping for competing or teams who wish to further their skills on agility sequences. Dogs and handlers are presented with challenges present on trial courses to fine tune and progress the skills learned in previous levels. International handling skills are also introduced. This class prepares the student for competition.

Prerequisites: Dogs must have completed Advanced Foundation Skills or equivalent through private lessons. Aggressive dogs are not allowed in group class.

Handling (Master/Premier):

This level is for teams that have completed the Handling (Novice/Open/Skills) level class series and are preparing to, or already are, competing in agility trials. Dogs must be proficient on ALL equipment and be fully trained in their contact and weave pole performance. Aggressive dogs are not allowed in group class.

Sign up opens: Now! Class fees due: First night of class

Contact Deanna for more info or to enroll in Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Foundation Skills, and either Handling level class.

Deanna Adams: 760-953-7103

NOTE: All classes are subject to change or cancellation depending on the final number of sign-ups. Occasionally lesson cancellations occur due to unforeseen circumstances. When a make-up class is needed, every effort will be made to offer this lesson on a day/time as close to your scheduled lesson as possible; but this is NOT guaranteed, and make-up classes MAY be held on days other than your original class day/time. NO REFUND or credit will be offered if you can not attend this lesson. Contact any of our Agility instructors for information on Private Lessons! Please See the Agility Yard Calendar for Further Details.