List of Resources

Places to Shop

Hoots and Hounds - "Toys, treats, and accessories for dogs and their humans." A wide variety of quality items at great prices! Contact owner and PPDC member, Shari Hoots at (760) 985-6337 or

Clean Run - All things agility. Terrific toys, gear, treats, magazine, etc.

Dogwise - One of the best dog book/DVD vendors out there.

Sit Stay - Wide variety of books, treats, toys, gear, and more.

A Variety of Local Training Classes

  • "Fido Come!" Recall class with Cindy Clark in Hesperia. Daisy Dog Academy
  • "Life Skills" class with Cindy Clark in Hesperia. Daisy Dog Academy
  • Puppy and Adult obedience classes with Drema Ellis in Apple Valley. BowWowN
  • "Essentials for dog sports!" A fabulous foundation for your future agility and dog sport superstar! Daisy Dog Academy

Agility Websites

A video magazine available in DVD. The Agility In Motion VideoZine series is full of great training tips, demonstrated by some of the top trainers/handlers. In addition, each issue showcases runs from various shows, including side-by-side comparisons and overlay analysis of teams, you will also find great training exercises from actual courses to set up for your training.

Written by Steve Schwarz, this site is full of how-to articles and video clips.

"...One of my goals for this site is to share the lessons, trials (in all senses of the words), and tribulations of a "regular guy" dog trainer and handler. Since I'm not a professional dog trainer I hope my layman's perspective may be helpful to others..."

Kind of like Netflix, this site allows users to rent dog training DVDs. Lots of good agility and clicker training DVDs.

Agility Books, DVDs, Magazines

“In Focus” books and DVD by Deborah Jones and Judy Keller

“Building Blocks for Performance” book by Bobbie Anderson

“Clean Run” agility magazine

“Control Unleashed” book by Leslie McDevitt

Cool Training Gear, Equipment, and Toys

Agility slip lead

Bait bags


Tug toys

Rabbit/sheepy toys




Clickers (used instead of a “Yes!” marker word)

General Books, DVDs, Websites (not about agility, but great info on dogs)

"Bones Would Rain from the Sky" book by Suzanne Clothier

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Positive Dog Training" book by Pamela S. Dennison

“Culture Clash” book by Jean Donaldson

“The Other End of the Leash” book by Patricia McConnell

"The Power of Positive Dog Training" book by Pat Miller

“On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals” book and DVD by Turid Rugaas

Karen Pryor's website on Clicker Training