Welcome to Paul Brandt Trucking!

Our Company was founded by my father, Mr. Paul Brandt, in 1971 in Morris Manitoba. He built his business on hard work and integrity. Traditional work ethic, complimented by innovation has driven our company to be a leader in the industry. Our drivers, maintenance personnel, operations staff, management, customers and suppliers are valued contributors in defining the character of our company. The wealth of Paul Brandt Trucking is people.

Through positive reinforcement and continuous training, we help our drivers understand the important role that they play in delivering our customers goods safely and efficiently. We encourage our drivers to make every interaction with customers and the public a positive experience. Our drivers do an excellent job at representing our company to the public, and Paul Brandt Trucking’s safety record reflects the commitment and pride of our operations and driving staff.

Clean, well-maintained, safe equipment is another mainstay of Paul Brandt Trucking. Our maintenance personnel work very hard at managing our equipment at safety levels that exceed industry standards. This department takes pride in their work and at the outstanding inspection record that we have earned.

Our operations staff and management constantly work to enhance every aspect of our company’s commitment to our customers, upholding integrity and hard work as our primary principles.

Doing things right, because it's the right thing to do meets cutting-edge dispatch and load tracking, quality equipment and professional staff. Constant analysis and quality control, strict adherence to government safety and security regulations, and attention to detail set us apart as the premiere choice when you want to hire a trucking company to get the job done right.

Traditional values, modern methods. In 50 years of business, equipment and technology have changed, but our values remain the same. When it comes down to it, it's still all about a promise. We will use our strength and experience to meet your cargo delivery needs, continuing to build solid relationships with premiere customers and suppliers.

That's the way dad did it, and that's our promise to you. You have our word on it.

We look forward to hearing from you!