The Payette County Challenge

The Payette County Challenge is a community event which pits 12 teams of two against each other in a series of challenges across the county, including a dozen roadblocks that will test their physical and mental strength.

This benefit competition will have the teams departing from a local park, with cleverly-worded clues leading them to 12 undisclosed locations in Payette County, including New Plymouth, Fruitland, and Payette. When they arrive, they must undergo various challenges to gain points and clues, before being directed to the next mystery location.

At stake are cash prizes (currently, the grand prize is up to $500), as well as gift certificates and merchandise from our sponsors.

The event is scheduled for Saturday June 22, 2019. The Payette Challenge is a high energy, highly competitive race based loosely on CBS's Amazing Race. The inspiration comes from Western Oregon's Great Northwest Challenge. While I won't spoil the surprise of the challenges teams will be facing here in Idaho, below are some links to news articles from the one on which we are modeling it :)

More details on registration are here.

The Payette County Challenge's website is HERE.

We have some very awesome sponsors for this event! Because we love them so much, I'm going to throw their logos out here :) Just look at the variety! At the top-of-the-list this year is C&T Storage!