London Business School, London UK

PhD, Finance, 2009-2014 

Master of Research,  2011

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Bachelor of Commerce, Finance, 2004-2009



Visiting Professor 2022-present

University of Toronto

Associate Professor (with tenure) 2022-present

Assistant Professor 2014-2022

Conference and Seminar Presentations (* denotes conference presentation by coauthor)

2024 University of Ghent, University of Amsterdam (Law School), University of Amsterdam (Finance Department), Columbia Law School, EDHEC, Toulouse School of Economics 

2023 AFA meetings(*), Jackson Hole(*), Iowa State University, MFA (X2), University of Alberta, Chicago Quantitative Alliance Spring Conference,  American Law and Economics Association Meetings (*), WFA (X2), Gerzensee Corporate Finance, JCF Conference on Ownership and Corporate Social and Sustainable Policies (*), HKUST, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Chinese University Hong Kong, Finance, Organization and Markets Online Seminar, Warwick

2022 AFA meetings(*), European Winter Finance Conference, ASU Winter Conference(*),  Humboldt University Berlin, SFS Cavalcade(*), FIRS(X2), University of Luxembourg, CICF(*), UBC Summer Conference(*), EFA, NFA, London Business School, Chicago Corporate Summit (University of Chicago Law), TAU December Finance Conference 

2021  Global Virtual Seminar Series on Fintech Webinar, University of Cambridge, Queensland University of Science and Technology, Joint virtual seminar hosted by University of Bristol, the University of Exeter, the University of Lancaster and the University of Manchester, University of Mannheim, HEC Paris, Universite Paris Dauphine, ESCP Paris, ESSEC, Center for Advanced Studies on the Foundations of Law and Finance Seminar Series, Arizona State University, University of Dayton, Financial Research Associations Meetings

2020 AFA Meetings, UZH Workshop on Climate Finance, ASU Winter Finance Conference(*),  MFA, Finance in the Cloud (virtual conference),  EFA, ECGI-SHoF Sustainable Finance Conference, NFA, University of Melbourne,  ERASMUS, University of Delaware, University of Oklahoma

2019 AFA Annual Meetings (X2), HEC Montreal Economics, 17th Annual International Industrial Organization Conference, Telfer Annual Conference on Accounting and Finance, FIRS meetings*, Marstrand Finance Conference, Global Corporate Governance Colloquia*, EFA, UN PRI Academick Network Conference, Northern Finance Association Meetings*, University of Illinois- Chicago, Tilburg, HEC Paris, Banque de France, ESCP Paris, INSEAD, Universite Dauphine, Bocconi, Colorado Finance Summit

2018 AFA Annual Meetings, AEA Annual Meetings*, North Carolina State Univesity, Midwest Finance Association*,  Mid-Atlantic Reseaerch Conference, NBER Corporate Finance, Manchester Business School, Federal Reseve Board, Maryland Junior Finance Conference, Drexel Corporate Governance Conference, Northeastern University Finance Conference*, Josepsh Stigler Conference on the political Economy of Finance (Chicago Booth) University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, SFS Cavalcade (X2)*, ITAM Finance Conference*, FIRS meetings*, Society for Environmental Law and Economics, Gerzensee Corporate Finance, NBER Summer Institute (IT and Digitization*), UN PRI Academic Network Conference (Berkeley Haas), Northern Finance Association Meetings, DePaul Conference on CSR and the Economy 

2017 AFA Annual Meetings, University of Illinois, ASU Winter Conference*,  University of Southern California, Chicago Quantitative Alliance Spring Conference, CEPR Annual Meetings*, American Law and Economics Annual Meetings, 14th IDC Herzaliya Conference, Asian Bureau of Finance and Economics Research Meetings, Josepsh Stigler Conference on the political Economy of Finance (Chicago Booth)*, Finance UC Conference of Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, WFA Annual Meetings*, EFA Annual Meetings, Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics Meetings, Northern Finance Association Meetings, Tsinghua University

2016 University of Toronto Law School, McGill, University of Toronto Finance, University of Edinburgh, WFA Meetings*, FIRS Meetings, American Law and Economics Association Meetings, European Finance Association Meetings*, Gerzensee Summer Symposium (Informal Session), University of Washington Summer Conference, Northern Finance Association Meetings, University of Alberta, Depaul University, TAU (December) Finance Conference 

2015 American Law and Economics Association Mettings, Conference on Financial Economnics and Accounting, Financial Research Association Meetings, University of Western Ontario, Queen's University

2014 AEA Annual Meetings, HKUST, University of Toronto, Unviversity of Utah, INSEAD, Nanyang Technical University, Financial Intermediateion Reserach Society Meetings, Gersenzee Summer Symposium (Informal Session), 4th MSFCU Confrenence on Financial Institutions and Investments, Conference on Empirical Legal Studies

2013 AFA Annual Meetings, Transatlatntic Doctoral Conference - London Business School, FMA Europe, USC Finance PhD Conference, EFA Doctoral Tutorial, University of Iowa, FMA Annual Meetings, LBS, UNC Conference on Financial Economics and Accounting, Eurofidai Annual Meetings

2012 Eastern Finance Association Annual Meetings, Transatlantic Doctoral Conference - London  Business School, London Business School Seminar (2), INSEAD

2011 London Business School, INSEAD

2010 Conference on Social Change - London School of Economics

2009 Bank of Canada Conference on Financial Market Stability - Simon Fraser University, London Business School

2008 What is an Organization? - HEC Montreal

Invited Discussions

2024 European Winter Finance Conference, WFA

2023 University of Delaware Corporate Governance Conference, Drexel Corporate Governance Conference

2022 Adam Smith Conference, FIRS, CSEF-RCFS Conference on Finance on Labor and Inequality, WFA, USC Junior Conference, EFA, Miami Behavioral Conference 

2021 AFA (X2), ASU Winter Finance Conference,  UTM Economics Conference on Financial Economics, FIRS, Owners as Strategists Conference,  London Political Finance Workshop,  

2020  AFA, UZH Workshop on Climate Finance, EFA, ECGI-SHoF Sustainable Finance Conference, FMA, Olin Corporate Finance Conference

2019 MFA (X2), Chicago Financial Institutions Conference, Fixed Income and Financial Institutions Conference, SFS Cavalcade, Telfer Annual Conference on Accounting and Finance, FIRS, Josepsh Stigler Conference on the Political Economy of Finance (Chicago Booth)

2018  Chicago Financial Institutions Conference, Mitsui Finance Symposium, EFA, UN Principles of Responsible Investment Conference, Conference on Financial Economics and Accounting

2017  Chicago Financial Institutions Conference, FIRS, Josepsh Stigler Conference on the Political Economy of Finance (Chicago Booth), WFA, CEPR Conferences on Incentive, Management and Organization and Entrepreneurship

2016 American Law and Economics Association, LBS Summer Finance Conference, EFA, FMA, JLFA  Annual Meeting, 

2015 American Law and Economics Association, China International Conference on Finance, Linthuanian Conference on Economic Research, EFA, NFA

2014 NFA

2013 FIRS,  EFA 


2021 Brattle Group Distinguished Paper 

2016 RFS Rising Scholar Award

2013 USC Finance PhD Conference  Best Paper Award