Parents Association for Student Services in D39

The purpose of this website is to provide viewers with knowledge of Wilmette D39 Student Services and to provide educational, therapeutic and recreational resources for parents with children with specialized needs.

The PASS39 Wilmette website is a continual work in progress. We hope you will bookmark this site and check back regularly for updates and additions.

The Parent Association for Student Services in District 39 is a parent organization committed to supporting parents of children with emotional, developmental and learning differences. Our membership is comprised of all parents/caregivers in Wilmette D39 with a child that has an IEP or 504 Plan. PASS39 was created in the Fall of 1998 by a group of parents who wanted to collaborate with the school district in a more effective manner around the topics and issues within special education. Since then, PASS39 has continued to grow this relationship and has been able to effect much change in terms of communication and programming needs within the student services department of D39.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is simple yet critical to our parent population: PASS39's mission is to facilitate and promote communication and teamwork between parents of children who receive support and services (IEP/504 Plans) in D39 schools.


  • Organize forums for parents to exchange information and support one another
  • Educate parents and staff on various topics related to raising and educating children with special needs
  • Develop information resources for parents and staff
  • Collaborate with District 39 staff to increase a sense of teamwork in working with our children
  • Conduct biennial Parent Satisfaction Survey