Pansy Chapel


Welcome back to church Phase 3 style! We continue to live-stream our service, and are now running a 9am and 11am service. We can’t all get into the church at the same time due to restrictions, but if you would like to attend one of our services and are not already in a Sunday morning service group, please contact Pastor Dylan at or (204) 371-6298.

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The Pastor's Note

We are a pretty ‘real’ kind of group. You can expect a blunder or two on a Sunday morning, perhaps even a lack of polish, (especially on the pastor’s behalf) but we passionately love the LORD and are happy to have the opportunity to serve Him by praising Him through singing, teaching and by encouraging each other as we get together. We desire to be a church that honors the LORD, and we heartily welcome anyone to join us. We are not perfect and certainly don’t expect visitors to be either.

We desire to trust in the sovereignty of God the Father, we encourage real and personal relationships with Jesus and we continue to learn the importance of prayer and an openness to the Holy Spirit. We look to the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation as the basis of our teaching. And because nobody is exempt from being under the bondage of sin, and we are intentional about giving opportunity for people to be set free from it.

Please come and join us, and when you do, come and say hello. I would love to meet you!

Pastor Dylan