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Recently, I have received a few queries from students regarding whether the background from either ECE or CS fits. Actually, it really does not matter in my group. My group has students with ECE, CS, or Math backgrounds. I myself have backgrounds in ECE, CS, and Physics. The first thing, you may want to pay attention to, is the research direction of the team. For this, please check the publications from the group. The second thing is about the curriculum. Please check the three programs to get some feelings. 

My dear wife, Dr. Cong Hao, is also at the school of ECE at Georgia Tech. She is looking for excellent students who would like to work in the joint area of hardware design and machine learning


(To introduce Pan before the talk, one may use this short bio for convenience.) 

Pan Li is going to join the school of ECE at Georgia Tech as an assistant professor in 2023 Spring while holding an on-leave position at Purdue. I've had a lovely time at Purdue: I have been so grateful to learn how to be a professor and greatly appreciate the Purdue CS department for supporting me over the past two years. I have super enjoyed working with my colleagues at Purdue. Of course, in the future, I'm looking forward to new collaborations and adventures at Georgia Tech! 

Pan Li joined the Purdue CS department as an assistant professor in  2020 Fall.  Before joining Purdue, Pan worked as a postdoc in the SNAP group at Stanford for one year, where he worked in the SNAP group led by  Prof. Jure Leskovec.  Before joining the SNAP group, Pan did his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign (2015 - 2019). His PhD advisor at UIUC was Prof. Olgica Milenkovic. At UIUC, he also worked with several wonderful collaborators including Prof. Niao He, Prof. Arya Mazumdar, Prof. Jiawei Han, Prof. David Gleich, etc. 

Before coming to UIUC, Pan Li received his M.S. degree in Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University where his advisor was Prof. Xiqin Wang and he also worked with Prof. Huadong Meng and Prof. Yuan Shen. Before that, he got my B.S. degrees in both Physics and Electrical Engineering from Beijing Jiaotong University

Pan Li has got the NSF CAREER award, the Best Paper award from Learning on Graph (LoG) 2022, Sony Faculty Innovation Award, JPMorgan Faculty Award, Ross-Lynn Faculty Award

Research Interests

My research focuses on computational and machine learning methods that leverage graph or network structured data to solve real-world problems. I am particularly interested in fundamental understandings of learning and computation problems on graphs, and designing principled approaches for real-world applications. This combines my interests in graph theory, machine learning, computational science, and statistics.  

Recent projects focus on the following problems (on some recent works).

Our group of research is mainly supported by National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, JP Morgan award and Sony award.