Panic Pants are the lightweight and compact pair of backup pants that grow with your child!

One tiny pair of pants

that can adjust

from Size 2t to Size 5

to fit the whole family

Please specify the color(s) you'd like (blue, purple, and/or black).

Why do you need Panic Pants?

They fold down to the size of a smartphone...

...or the size of a SNACK SIZE bag!

They adjust from Size 2T to Size 5... the same pair of pants fits multiple children!

Each pair of Panic Pants comes with a compact storage bag. Yes, Panic Pants does fold down to fit into this 3.5" x 4.75" bag!

Panic Pants are perfect as backup pairs of pants that are easy to store and adjust to your ever-growing child. Just throw them in your diaper bag, purse, fanny pack, or pocket and they'll be ready to go at a moment's notice!

  • Teachers and Day Cares love Panic Pants because they can ditch all the bulky boxes of backup pairs of pants in different sizes and replace them with one tiny drawer of Panic Pants.

  • Grandparents and other loved ones love Panic Pants because one pair of Panic Pants can fit so many of the kids whenever they come to visit.

  • Parents love Panic Pants because they can keep them for years without having to constantly be thinking about what size their backup pants are and if they will fit when there is a pants-related emergency!

  • Panic Pants are available in Blue, Purple, and Black.

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Panic Pants were created through the help of Kickstarter backers. Click here to read our crowdfunding story.