IV Pangram in the new 2019-2020 academic year !!!

Competition subject : The history of writing. Personalities, events, milestones.


Calligraphy | Lettering | Decorative Alphabet | Display font | Text font | Font poster

Завантажити Умови (UA):

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Завантажити Положення (UA):


Reception of works / Прийом робіт : March 30 – April 12, 2020

Terms of competition:

  • Participants of the Competition may be students of higher education institutions of Ukraine and other countries (Student category), as well as students of private graphic design schools, font courses, etc. (Private category).
  • The Competition is organized in three stages:
    • qualifying (held in higher education institutions among students who wish to participate in the Competition);
    • intermediate (admission of works, registration of participants, selection of works by the Organizing Committee of the Competition, formation of the list of participants);
    • final (jury work, announcement of results).
  • Works admitted to participation in the Competition must have a high level of presentation, relevant nominations and must comply with ethical norms.
  • Works can be performed in Cyrillic, Latin or other system of the letter of choice of the participant, unless it is emphasized in special conditions by nominations.
  • Each participant has the right to submit up to 3 works in each nomination. No author name is allowed at work!
  • Please do not submit works that have been awarded in other competitions.
  • Following the results of the Competition, an exhibition of the best works is planned. List of selected works for the exhibition and conditions of their registration are published on the Competition website.
  • Winners are awarded with of diplomas I–III degrees, all the participants get certificates. The winners may also be awarded honors, awards from the Organizing Committee, charitable foundations and sponsors of the Competition.
  • Participation in the competition is free of charge.
  • The participant guarantees the authorship of his works!

The requirements for nominations:

А. Calligraphy

Performance technique, tools and color scheme range are selected by the participant. The format is vertical, A3.

B. Lettering

Technique (final work): vector, the image is only black and white. The format is horizontal, A3.

C. Decorative Alphabet

Each letter of the alphabet-lettering is executed manually: it is drawn, cut out, drawn up and so on. The general theme of the letters is not limited to the subject of the Competition; they can be self-contained like letters: story, subject, anthropomorphic and others. Numbers and additional minimum punctuation are welcome. Technique and material of the participant's choice (gouache, plasticine, cardboard, materials available, computer …). The Competition is sent a digital version of the original work (the letters are translated into a digital file and arranged in a graphic program). The composition is free, but the order of the letters of the alphabet is preserved. The color scheme is chosen by the participant. The format is vertical, A3.

D. Display font

The font should be developed in two letter systems of choice (for example, Cyrillic and Latin). Make sure to include the font name, alphabet, numbers, basic punctuation marks. Words, sentences are possible. Technique: graphic programs. Presentation within the Competition subject, the composition is free on one sheet. The format is vertical, A3.

E. Typeface

The Text font in the Unicode system is represented in Regular styles and must have the necessary set of characters, including numbers, to ensure the typing of the two language system (for example, Latin and Cyrillic). For non-alphabetic systems, up to 80 composite letters and up to 30 ideographic characters are allowed. The font presentation should be on two sheets. Most of the first sheet should be occupied by Regular in a large size and in full, the background white. Additional styles are welcome and can be presented in smaller sizes Must be present a piece of text (certainly Regular 9, 10 and 12 pt). The composition and color scheme of the second sheet is free, but within the framework of the competition theme. The format of both pages is vertical, 600 × 900 mm in size, .pdf.

F. Font poster

Visual interpretation of the subject of the Competition by means of typography. Identify the author(s) and the names of the typefaces used (provided as background information). Technique: graphic programs. The color scheme is chosen by the participant. The format is vertical, A3.

Distribution file :

Digital version of the original work: jpeg (for nomination E in PDF), 150 dpi, 1754×2480 pixels, RGB.

File name: Surname_Nomination (for example, Teslenko_A-1, Teslenko_E). If several work, then the numbers are added (Teslenko_A-1, Teslenko_A-2).

Reception of works : March 30 – April 12, 2020 at the Competition site https://sites.google.com/view/pangram

Selection of works, formation of short-list: April 14–27.

Work of the Appeals Commission: April 27-29 (starts from the moment of publication of the results of the intermediate stage of the Competition and continues until the jury of the final stage begins).

The work of the International jury: from April 30 to May 14.

The results should be announced by the end of May 2020.

The Organizing Committee has the right to adjust the dates of the intermediate and final stages of the Competition.