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Soft Robotic Glove Could Put Daily Life Within Patients

@ MIT Technology Review

Soft Robots Mimic Muscle to Expand the Body’s Limits

@ Science Friday

Work on soft and wearable robotics covered by 12News

Robots on the cutting edge of patient rehab covered by CBS 3

Drones to assist in water quality covered by FOX10 News

Work on Soft-Inflatable Exosuits covered by ABC 15

Rubbery robot fingers play piano faster than a human @NewScientist

  • Elsevier BV: Listed in the top 2% scientists worldwide (100,000 top-scientists). "Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators". <Web Link>

  • PBS - Catalyst: External suit during rehabilitation <Web Link>

  • CBS News: Robots on the cutting edge of patient rehab. <Web Link>

  • Fox 10 News: joint research project with SRP and the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab at ASU aims at developing drones with soft graspers to collect water samples from remote SRP canals. <Web Link>

  • KJZZ 91.5: A four-minute radio segment on KJZZ radio featuring Prof. Wenlong Zhang, Prof. Panagiotis Polygerinos, and Prof. Daniel Aukes talking about robotics in the SRP canals. <Web Link>

  • ABC15: Our work on the Soft-Inflatable Exosuit was covered by ABC15. <Web Link>

  • The State Press: ASU Polytechnic researchers want to help stroke victims walk again. <Web Link>

  • 12News: Our research work on soft and wearable robotics has been covered by 12News. <Web Link>

  • Advanced Science News: Our collaborative review article on soft robotics is highlighted in Advanced Science News as one of the most downloaded and read publications in Advanced Engineering Materials over the last month (June 2017). <Web Link>

  • ASU Now: The collaboration with Barrow Neurological Institute through the course EGR598 Mechatronics Device Innovation is featured in ASU Now. <Web Link>

  • Alliance of Advanced BioMedical Engineering (by ASME): Our work on Soft Relief Device for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was featured in the Alliance of Advanced BioMedical Engineering. <Web Link>

  • ASU Now: Visitors explore aviation, robotics and more at ASU's Polytechnic campus Night of the Open Door event. <Web Link>

  • Science Friday radio show: Dr. E. Roche of MIT and Dr. Polygerinos of ASU speak about soft robotics. <Web Link>

  • Stroke Rehab Symposium, Phoenix, AZ, Soft robotic glove featured in the brochure cover. <Web Link>

  • Greek “Greek Researcher In Study That May Put An End To Open Heart Surgeries [Interview]” <Web Link>

  • Science Translational Medicine, Journal article featured in the front cover of the magazine. <Web Link>

  • Muscular Dystrophy News Today, June 2015, “Harvard Wyss Institute Develops Soft Robotic Glove For Hand-Impaired Patients” <Web Link>

  • MIT Technology Review, June 2015, "Soft Robotic Glove Could Put Daily Life Within Patients’ Grasp", Featured in the front page of MIT Tech Review’s website <Web Link>

  • Wyss Institute, June 2015, "Soft Robotic Glove". <Web Link>

  • Humans of New York, April 2015, ''Soft and Wearable Robotics Course", - Jamal (student from Mott Hall Bridges Academy's tour of Harvard University) demonstrating the the soft robotic glove. <Web Link>, <Web Link>

  • Irish Times, October 2014, “Hard Challenges for Soft Robotics”, editorial on the soft glove for home assistance and rehabilitation. <Web Link>

  • Popular Mechanics, issue July/August 2014. "The Softer Side of Robots", editorial on the soft glove for home assistance and rehabilitation. <Web Link>

  • Advanced Functional Materials, Volume 24, issue 15. Journal Cover for work on pneunet actuators <Web Link>

  • NewScientist, January 15th 2014. Rubbery robot fingers play piano faster than a human (second author of work). <Web Link>

  • Harvard Magazine, January/February 2014. "Wearable Robots", the soft glove for hand rehabilitation is illustrated. <Web Link>

  •, October 9th 2013. "Robotics heavyweights keep it entertaining at 2013 Northeast Robotics Colloquium",Showcasing the soft robotic glove designed for hand rehabilitation. <Web Link>

  • Harvard Gazette, October 8th 2013. "Robots to the rescue - Conference showcases new machines designed to improve everyday life". My work on the next-generation soft, wearable robots, that was developed to assist both the disabled and able bodied is presented. <Web Link> <Web Link>

  • King's College London, King's Related, Autumn 2009. "Desert island challenge", editorial on building a solar-powered desalination machine on an eco-tourist island in Fiji. <Web Link>

  • Greek newspaper, Typos ths Kyriakis, Robotics in Greece, April 30th 2011. My green house robot (BEng. thesis) is illustrated. <Web Link>