Pamela Guruciaga

Hello there!

My name is Pamela Guruciaga. My research interests lie in the area of statistical mechanics and its applications to condensed matter, particularly magnetic systems. Here you may find my brief CV.

I am a CONICET postdoctoral researcher at Centro Atómico Bariloche, Argentina, where I am a member of the Condensed Matter Theory Group and the PAREDOM.

I finished my Ph.D. in Physics in Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata and Instituto de Física de Mar del Plata, Argentina, in March 2018. My thesis is titled "Order and dynamics in spin ice", and was done under the supervision of Rodolfo Borzi and José Luis Iguain.

In my free time I am a part of the Orange Music duo, interested mainly in the exploration of new forms of artistic creation from the interaction of body, sound, space and scene.

Research highlights

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PRB 100 (17 2019)

PRL 117 (16 2016)

PRB 90 (18 2014)