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The Paladin Systems Philosophy

This is the guiding philosophy behind our training and self defense system. Our system that uses these truths as its fundamental bedrock will make you the safest and most skillful version of you.


Safety is #1 at Paladin Training Systems.  We carry and own firearms for personal safety and do not take shortcuts with regards to the knowledge, skills, and attitude for firearms safety.

The Four rules of gun safety are:

   1. Treat all guns as if they are loaded

   2. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction

   3. Always keep your finger off the trigger until you have made the decision to shoot

   4. Be sure of your target and what is behind it


The typical gunfight lasts 3-to-7 seconds with 3-to-5 shots fired.  93% of gunfights occur at distances between 3-to-7 yards.  2% occur at contact distances.  5% occur between 7-to-25 yards.  Paladin Training systems is relevant training that prepares you for the real defensive fight.  We teach to carry your pistol consistently, because its a lot harder to win a gunfight if you're unarmed.  We teach you to carry concealed, because its safer for you and more dangerous for the bad guys.  Force Science studies show relevant speed, especially at close distances, combined with precision shooting is the true life saving blend of skill.  You will learn to shoot accurately and safely from contact distances out to 25 yards.  You will train to safely and reliably draw service caliber sidearms from real world concealment and deliver fire accurately and rapidly at likely distances.  You will learn proven real world strategies & tactics

Getting Results

There are no participation trophies at Paladin Training Systems.  We have firm standards, set the bar high, and give you the tools to reach them.  Our one day Level 1 training objective is to teach you the fundamentals of shooting a pistol necessary to achieve both police and military standards.  We have had great success exceeding those standards and creating Army Sharpshooters and Experts.  After meeting police and military standards, a Texas License To Carry qualification will be a piece of cake.  Our four session Yellow curriculum will train you to win the real fight in ways that are impossible to learn over a single weekend. 

Value and Conserving Ammunition

Practice over time and repetition are essential for firearms training.  To get the proper number of repetitions, many firearms trainers call for students to expend vast amounts of ammunition during training.  But ammunition is expensive and at times difficult to find.  While live fire is an essential component of training, there is a better way than expending one thousand rounds for a single training class.  The Paladin Training System uses the latest training techniques which are MORE effective and save you both precious ammunition and money.

Supporting the 2nd Amendment

We are strong supporters of the right to keep and bear arms.  We are members of and support the National Rifle Association, Texas State Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America and other 2nd Amendment organizations.

-  The Paladin Team