PAIR Symposium 2017

The Human Side of AI

How do humans and AI work together?

How can AI benefit everyone?

Welcome to the first People + AI Research Initiative Symposium at Google, a forum to discuss pressing topics in human + AI interaction. We're bringing together academics, researchers and artists to discuss model interpretability, augmented intelligence, inclusivity and human–AI collaboration.

All speaker videos are available on this PAIR Symposium YouTube playlist and linked below.

Held September 26, 2017

Blaise Agüera y Arcas, Google

Rebecca Fiebrink, Goldsmiths University of London

Jess Holbrook, Google

Karrie Karahalios, University of Illinois

Antonio Torralba, MIT

John Zimmerman, Carnegie Mellon University

Finale Doshi-Velez, Harvard

Matt Jones, Google

Karrie Karahalios, University of Illinois

David Weinberger, Harvard

PAIR also sponsored a UX-focused symposium on March 20, 2018 in Zürich. Find out more here.

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