About Us

About Us

Pack 270 is based out of Thurmont, Maryland and has won pack of the year from 2017-2021!  All parent leaders are Youth Protection Trained and follow the 2-deep leadership principle, maintaining safety as our number one priority. 

The mission of scouting is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling the values of the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.  To put this into action, scouting activities focus on ten areas: Character Development, Respectful Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Personal Achievement, Good Citizenship, Friendly Service, Sportsmanship, Fitness, and Adventure,  Family Understanding, and Preparation for Scouts BSA.

The den—a group of scouts from the same grade—is where Cub Scouting starts.  Cub Scouts make new friends, play purposeful games, and learn new things at den meetings. During the school year, dens usually meet two times a month, and gather monthly for a pack meeting.  Below are a list of examples of Pack 270 Activities:

Meet Our Leaders

Each grade level corresponds with a den in the cub scout program.  Each den has leaders who volunteer their time to help teach our children about ethics, morals, values, STEM topics, citizenship, etc.  Below you will find the leadership for our current dens.  Dens generally meet twice a month, plus an additional outing.  We meet as an entire pack (all dens and their families) one time a month for a monthly meeting, a fun activity, and/or an event that gives back to our Thurmont community.  Our Cub Master oversees our Pack Meetings, gives out our various badges, and devotes his time to overseeing all the logistics of our scouting program.

Cub Master

Mr. Jimmy Best

Lion Den Leader


Ms. Julie Bostian

Tiger Den Leaders

First Grade

Mr. Tommy Chambers

Mrs. Shannon Chambers

Wolf Den Leaders

Second Grade

Ms. Emily Snyder

Mr. Zac Minns

Bear Den Leaders

Third Grade

Mr. Carl Weber

Mrs. Kate Best

Webelo Den Leaders

Fourth Grade

Mr. Shaun Shriner

AOL Den Leaders

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Amber Delcid

New Member Coordinator

Ms. Sarah Shriner

If you are new to the program or are interested in joining our pack, please get in touch with Sarah.  She would be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

We have many other leadership positions and couldn't be so successful without our behind the scenes leaders.  

If you are interested in a leadership position, please reach out to info@cubpack270.org