Workshop and school on Complex Lagrangians, Integrable Systems, and Quantization

Organized by Christopher Mahadeo, Laura Schaposnik & Mengxue Yang 

Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford

June 5-9 2023


This school and workshop on Complex Lagrangians, Integrable Systems, and Quantization is the first meeting of our newly awarded NSF FRG grant.  The meeting is organized with the goal of introducing students and post-docs to the main tool and open questions in the area. We will be providing ravel and lodging support to most accepted participants who need it

Deadline for applying for funding: April 1st 2023

Mini Courses

University of North Carolina at Chapell Hill

"On Ribbon Graphs and the Geometry of Moduli spaces of curves"

Lecture Notes #1

Lecture Notes #2

University of California, Davis

"Geometry of curves and counting problems"

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Oxford

"Kontsevich Deformation Quantization"

Lecture Notes #1 & #2

University of Waterloo

"An Introduction to bi-lagrangians"

Research talks

Eloise Hamilton (Cambridge)

Nigel Hitchin (Oxford)


Inder Kaur (Loughborough)

Jason Lotay (Oxford)

Tony Pantev (UPenn)

Cigole Thomas (Colorado)


The Venue

University of Oxford

Mathematical Institute  

The Organizers

University of Saskatchewan 

University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Heidleberg

The Meeting is funded by the FRG grant 2152107 "Complex Lagrangians, Integrable Systems, and Quantization"