Getting there and Parking

S'y rendre et Stattioner

By Car

Note that the west end of the trail from Corkstown/March over towards 19th Tee is infrequently groomed this year and may not have the best conditions. Keep this in mind when you plan your trip.

Refer to the map for some info on parking. The map shows a "P" where there are parking lots and there is on-street parking at all the trailheads shown by the skier icons. There is on-street parking at the midpoint of the OWWT trail at Corkstown and Moodie and at the West end at Corkstown and March Rd. There is also on-street parking on Corkstown road near the Greenbelt (Trans Canada Trail) trailhead close to the railway tracks. FYI Ministry of Transport regulations say you need to park 15 meters from the level crossing which is about 4 car lengths. Bonus for parking here is that you can head south on the Greenbelt Path (TCT) to Bells corners. You may need to take your skis off to go under the 417 if the snow elves haven't done their job yet filling in the trail with snow.

The NCC P3 parking lot is often full. There is a portable toilet at this lot. The map illustrates the blue ski trail that winds down to the railway tracks or walk along the road. Many people prefer just to park near the GB (TCT) trailhead. The Watts Creek trailhead at March Road seems to be frequently full. There is really only space for about 12 cars on the road because of the guardrail. There are a couple of spots at the Burke Rd trailhead, and maybe space for another 6 cars along Burke Rd. The P2 parking lot on Carling is not part of OWWT but we have seen it overfilled and cars parked on Carling Ave. It is possible to back-country ski from there south onto the DND Loop, part of the OWWT. You can also ski on trail 10 (ungroomed) around Beetbox farm, and over to the new pilot trail that is groomed. That trail goes up to Riverdown (at the River) or down to Rifle Rd and Carling Ave.

The Carling/Rifle Rd parking area is really one of the best places to park. It gives you access to both the official OWWT trail to the south and to the new beautiful groomed pilot trail that starts on the other side of Carling and goes up to the river, with the option of doing the ungroomed trail 10 loop around Beetbox farm.

At the East end, there is parking at the water park portion of Andrew Haydon park off of Carling Ave, and from there you can go east on the Britannia Winter Trail or cross Carling at the pedestrian/bike crossing and start the OWWT and head East. If you include the BWT, you can do a 50km out-and-back ski on the two networks! There is also some on-street parking on Aero Drive at Holly Acres.

At the south end there is a parking lot on Robertson to access the new pilot trail that goes north; again a wonderful section of trail with options to go backcountry or on ungroomed trails from there.

We have heard of some people parking at DND to access the DND Loop, but DND have told us that parking is not allowed on their lots, even outside of the security fence.

By Bus

Bus Stop Moodie #3042 , routes 57, 61, 62, 63. (Best Option / Meilleur choix)

Bus Stop Carling/Shirley's Bay #2093/2094, route 6

Bus Stop Penfield/Banting #5329, routes 63, 64

Official 2022 Map

(refer to other map with pilot trails to see full network and parking options)