About Me

Myself Manikandan. I am from a coastal village in Vypin Island, Ernakulam (Dist) Kerala. I am working at an Electrical Contracting company at Kalamassery as a Service Technician. I am also a blogger. From 2008 onward I am using social plat forms available on internet to express and share my views on politics, travel, music, movies, festivals, personal happiness and sorrows. The following are my public profiles. I request you to visit and leave your comments, suggestions. You can also write to me at

  1. Facebook - ovmthampy
  2. Facebook Page (for blog updates) - Blogs by Manikandan
  3. Google Plus - ManikandanOV
  4. Google plus Page (for blog updates) - Manikandan Thampy
  5. Twitter - OVManikandan
  6. Twitter - bloggermaneez
  7. Youtube - MTHAMPY
  8. Instagram - manikandanov
  9. Flickr - maniooradil
  10. Smule - ManikandanOV

My Blogs

As I said earlier I am using various social platforms to share my views on various social and personal subjects. One of my favourite medium is Blogger. From 2008 I am writing blogs. Here I would like to shares some of my active blogs. I have merged few of my earlier blogs to a new one named maneez views and hence I am not listing all my old blogs here. I love to hear your comments on various post. These are my active blogs

  1. Maneez Views - My views on various political and social issues
  2. Memories Sweet & Bitter - Some thing about my personal life
  3. Tharangni Albums - Some information regarding festival songs and light music albums by Tharangini Audios
  4. Pallathamkulangare Bhagavathy Temple - About our village temple and its rituals
  5. Electric Machine - Technical blog about Electric Motors & Alternators
  6. OVMANIKANDAN - A trial to write some thing on wordpress