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Welcome to Over the Moon Positive Dog Training, LLC where we believe that the BEST way to teach your dog is to develop a positive relationship built on clear communication, mutual respect, and fun!

Sit, Stay, Learn - Drop off Day Training

Starting January 11. Reserve your spot NOW!

Over the Moon is now scheduling group classes and private training.

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Wednesday beginning December 1

*No prior experience needed. Any dog can participate and benefit. Come have some fun with your dog!

* Join us from 7:00 - 7:45

Teach your dog some simple Urban Agility skills that can be applied anywhere you go with your dog.


Wednesdays beginning December 1


Sundays beginning January 9

  • Mind Your Manners

  • Level 2 Continuing Obedience

Tuesdays beginning January 11

  • Smart Puppy 101

  • Level 2 Continuing Obedience


Everyone loves a well behaved dog! Humans and dogs are different species and don’t automatically understand each other. Let us teach you how to observe and understand your dog’s body language. This, along with positive reinforcement training, will give you the tools you need to nurture an obedient and well adjusted canine family member. Puppy, adolescent, foster, adopted adult dog? Every dog can benefit from training - you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Serving the communities of Aurora, North Aurora, Oswego, Sugar Grove, Batavia, Geneva and St. Charles Illinois.

Group Classes, Polite Puppy Program, Private 1:1 Training, In Home Private Training, Behavioral Assessments and Programs, CGC Caninie Good Citizen Classes and Assessment, Therapy Dog Preparation. Have you heard about the fun new sport - Dog Parkour? Ask us how you and your dog can get involved now!