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Idea to Concept 

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Is it viable?

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Patent to Prototype

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Prototype to Business

Have a working start-up?

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Welcome to ILC

The Industry Liaison Centre of the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) is the entity responsible for improving linkages with the industry, protecting University IP, commercialization of OUSL research, supporting OUSL start-ups and further to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship culture within the University. 

The ILC was first established under the Faculty of Engineering and later elevated to a university-wide centre aiming to improve the industry relevance of OUSL graduates through industry interaction. ILC will identify, plan, design and implement projects that have industry relevance, transfer the knowledge created within the University to the industry for national developments.

Over the years the ILC has built a network of entrepreneurs, industry mentors, investors and representatives of small and large businesses. Many discussions have been held with the members of this network to get industry input into products under development, commercialization options and funding for Research and Development. 

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