Christian Graduate Student Alliance at The Ohio State University

New grad student to Ohio State University? Looking for fellowship and meaning during graduate school? We hope you will check out this website and join us at a large or small group meeting! Also, fill out this contact information card to receive email updates.


The Christian Graduate Student Alliance is a community of graduate students that seeks to explore faith and its relationship to our graduate and academic careers. We are a student group at The Ohio State University affiliated with InterVarsity that welcomes believers, seekers, and skeptics alike.  Every week, we meet for large groups, small groups, and prayer meetings.  We also organize service opportunities and help plan special events with other groups on campus throughout the year.  Check out our events page for a full listing of upcoming events, and subscribe below for a weekly upcoming events email

We are affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA and in particular part of InterVarsity’s ministry to graduate students and faculty members.