Project Management ~ Increase efficiency ~ Organize ~ Declutter ~ Downsize 

Executive Assistant

Provide comprehensive administrative support to companies. Play a key role in organizing and prioritizing tasks, streamlining workflow and ensuring the efficient operation and communication of a company.

Organize, Declutter & Downsize

Living a cluttered, unorganized life is draining. We will provide you with an affordable judgement-free, personalized experience that will leave your house orderly & serene. 

Small Business Organizing

Being organized at work can eliminate stress, save time and improve productivity. We can work on inventory organization & storage and create systems & processes.

Professional Organizing Testimonials

Hiring Mary was the best gift I could give myself!  

I hired Mary to help me with organizing and decision making to better accommodate my lifestyle, as my clutter was hampering me! I asked friends and family for recommendations and interviewed several. I chose Mary because she was a great fit!  I appreciate her persuasive style when needed.

Mary could see improvements I couldn't, recommended ideas I never thought of, was a definite team player in my process, but also a great coach when I got stuck in making emotional decisions due to attachment to *stuff*.  I hired her multiple times for several areas of my house and plan on having her back to complete the remaining areas. Hiring Mary was the best gift I could give myself!  

-Susan G.

My closet looks amazing!

My walk in closet was a disaster! I had no idea where to start. Mary came in with no judgement and we jumped right in. We took everything out and sorted into Keep, Sell, Donate and Recycle/Throw piles. It was so much easier to make decisions with a neutral person guiding me. Mary never made me feel bad for what I chose to keep or throw. After learning some folding techniques from Mary, we used baskets, shelf dividers and labels in my closet to organize what was left. My closet looks amazing and it has stayed that way. I would HIGHLY recommend Mary with Organized in MN.

-Maureen A.