Open Source Drum Module (OSDM) is a collection of resources that can be used to create a DIY drum module stack.

If you want to get in touch, the best way is to participate in the discussion at the VDrums forum, in the Open Source Drum Module thread.

Some guidelines: It is Open Source in the sense that the components should be widely available, affordable, or free. Well, free and open mostly relates to information like wiring schemes and software.

The goal of the project is to have a modular full-stack solution, from drum sensors (pads, cymbals, etc.) to HiFi sound. This would mean that one can use their PC for home practice or a fully integrated module for professional use, for example.

The solution is envisioned as a modular stack of components, providing for easy upgrade or replacement of each individual piece. There are following components:

The final result

Several form factors are preferable for different scenarios:

  • input only: Just a Signal Input board for translating the analog pad signal to MIDI. Uses an existing PC for all the processing.
  • drum module: all-in-one box. Integrated solution, portable, similar to regular drum modules on the market. A good option for this is a device like Intel NUC, see below in Intel section.


  • Community Drum Module (link) document. Describes a vision and a specification of an integrated solution
  • Stick Drum (link) thread

Existing solutions

  • Arduino-based - there is a long list of successful projects on the Arduino page.
    • aDrum (link) seems to be the most similar idea
  • Drum Master (link), page at Hackaday (link), scheme (link). Uses a Teensy board (link) for audio I/O.
  • eDrum (link). Analog input (link).
  • eDrums (link). Focuses on building pads.
  • eXaDrums (link)
  • Muse Receptor (link), commercial product
  • MegaDrum. Schematics (link).

Links and Resource


Hardware components available for use are listed in its own section.


Software components are listed and linked on a separate page.

Related Projects

These are projects that may contains certain parts that are interesting for the Open Source Drum Module.

  • uCApps, a MIDI sequencer (link), MidiBox (link)
  • FreeDrum (link)