Meiko Georgouras - May 2020 exhibit


· Eye-gaze artist Meiko Georgouras “Surface” series is showing at Walcha Gallery of Art from May 29.

· The “Surface” series shows how confinement can lead to release.

· 20% of proceeds will be donated to Brain and Mind Centre.

Following last year’s successful sell-out show at Woolloomooloo’s ARO Gallery, Meiko Georgouras, the artist who paints with her eyes, is exhibiting a new series of work at the renowned bush gallery run by the art dealer Carley McLaren. The Walcha Gallery of Arts is exhibiting Meiko Georgouras’ abstract ink drawings from the 29 May 2020. Due to current restrictions on travel, the gallery will have all work available for sale online or viewed at the gallery by appointment.

It has been a tough year in between shows. There have been devastating bushfires and an unprecedented pandemic, but for Meiko most of all it was the loss of her father who had played such a significant role in her life to the insidious condition of early-onset dementia. For this reason, Meiko wishes to donate 10% of the proceeds of her exhibition to the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre for research into this disease which affects so many families.

The artist who has most informed Meiko’s work, Wassily Kandinsky, stated: “Every phenomenon can be experienced in two ways- externally or inwardly”. In this time of pandemic when we are all forced to keep still, Meiko’s experience of confinement can reflect our own experience. These elegant new works mirror the surface of consciousness, where senses pulsate with line and colour, growing and dissolving with musical rhythms, and giving the exhibition it’s title- “Surface”.

Carley McClaren

Ph: 0488775891