Oneonta, New York World War II Fallen Project

During World War II a banner with a gold star was presented to the families of the fallen. Over 421,000 Americans from large urban areas to small rural communities perished between 1941 and 1945 when the World was at war. Oneonta, New York is one of the many small communities spread across the United States that had its young people participate in this war and some of these individuals did not return alive. These are the fallen. This web site provides short profiles about the fallen from Oneonta*. 

There are currently 74 fallen who have been identified.  You can find their stories under The Fallen button.  

*It is not always clear or easy to determine if a fallen was from Oneonta,  NY. In some cases the fallen may have lived in Oneonta only for a short time. If you think someone from the Oneonta area should be included with the fallen identified here or if you see someone you think should not be included, please contact us at

A Forward to this project can be found here