Once Upon a Preschool

About Our Preschool Program

Once Upon a Preschool is a highly rated, affordable in-home preschool taught by a state certified teacher with a bachelors degree in Early childhood Education from ASU. At Once Upon a Preschool we prepare your child for Kindergarten not only academically but also by teaching the social skills and classroom skills they will need to succeed. 

Once Upon a Preschool is an academic preschool and Kinder Prep program with a focus on hands on learning. At Once Upon a Preschool we learn through enriching activities, games and play. Our private preschool is located near Alma School and Guadalupe Road in Mesa. 


To help my preschool and PreK students continue learning during the pandemic I created YouTube videos. Each video is a preschool circle time that always ends with a read aloud story and a daily challenge. Every day during our distance learning in 2020 I issued my students a learning challenge of something simple they could do at home to work on academic skills in a fun and hands on way. I made these videos strictly for my students and wasn’t planning on sharing them with the world (they are definitely NOT a work of art).  However, I am sharing them with you in hopes that they will give you a small insight into what a typical circle time at Once Upon a Preschool looks like

Here's one of our circle time videos. Check out more on the playlist.