Director: Miguel A. Padilla, Ph.D.


Miguel A. Padilla, Ph.D.

Dr. Padilla is an Associate Professor of Quantitative Psychology with applied interests. Specific areas of research interest are missing data, mixed effects models, psychometrics, and Bayesian Methods. Dr. Padilla is also working on developing methods that solve measurement error problems in linear models using missing data methodology. His applied interests range educational psychology and program evaluation, but most recently has concentrated on job satisfaction in academia. He teaches under/graduate courses in quantitative methodology.

Graduate Members

Jordan Ball

Jordan is a first year graduate student in the Omega Lab. During his undergraduate career at Erskine College, he conducted experiments concerning tattooed individuals. While this is still of interest to him, Jordan now researches college faculty for his graduate work. His goal is to create a more complete picture of this overburdened yet under-researched population and creating a discourse that will inform future higher education understanding.

John Mart DelosReyes

John is an alumnus of Old Dominion University with a B.S. in Psychology. He returns to ODU as a graduate student in the Applied Psychological Sciences program in order to further develop his skillset in quantitative methods in psychology. His research interests include learning, test development, and statistical validity.

Julia Thompson, M.S.

Julia earned her Master’s in Psychology from University of Marburg, Germany in 2010. She has completed doctoral coursework in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Experimental Psychology. Her research interests include work motivation, survey and test development, and validity of satisfaction surveys. Over the past two years she received a full-tuition waiver scholarship to work as a data analyst on a 25 million dollar federal innovation grant at The Center for Educational Partnerships.

Undergraduate Members

Arushi Deshpande

Arushi is an undergraduate student at Old Dominion University. She is currently double majoring in Psychology and Mathematics (concentration in Statistics). She plans on pursuing a doctoral degree in Quantitative psychology. Her areas of research interest include psychometrics, development of research design, and statistical analysis.

Korena Klimczak

Korena is a senior at Old Dominion University majoring in Psychology and double minoring in Statistics and Biology. She plans to pursue a graduate degree in Psychology upon graduation. She would one day like to be a clinical psychologist, utilizing and furthering research in mental illness in order to help others make effective, positive changes to their lives. Her research interests include clinical applications of technology, such as utilizing machine learning to make predictions about clients, mobile modes of therapy, and virtual reality as a form of exposure.

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